Being a CFer

1. You know which meds work best for you
2. You know which vein is best for taking blood
3. You can swallow loads of tablets at the same time- Even without a drink
4. You know how many creon you need for anything you eat
5. Every time you laugh it is followed by a coughing fit
6. You get out of breath by just running up the stairs
7. You have tried every weight gain supplement and hate them all.
8. You're the fussiest eater any of your friends and family know
9. Your friends all say you're lucky when you speak about getting your DLA (disability living allowance). You laugh and say 'I'd rather live without Cystic Fibrosis'
10. You have no sympathy for people when they moan about being so ill when they only have a cold.

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  1. Hi! Love the blog from the perspective of a fellow CF-er! The lists of 'signs that you know you have CF when...' made me laugh! (Then cough..) haha! :D