Sunday, April 24, 2016

Vancomycin Nebuliser Trial


It’s been a very long time since my last update, nearly a year in fact. I seem to never have to time to sit down and blog like I used to! This last year hasn’t been a brilliant one for me CF wise. It has been a real battle to try and keep my lung function above 60%, so I have constantly been on different oral antibiotics, Iv’s and nebulisers. I recently had some Iv’s at the beginning of March which managed to boost my lung function back up to 65%. However, by the beginning of April I was feeling rubbish again so have just finished a two week course of oral Septrin. I had hospital last Tuesday and even with the Septrin my lung function is still only just at 60%. Dr Orchard has been talking to me about a nebulised antibiotic called Vancomycin for quite some time. But he wanted to do some more research and speak to other consultants before trialling me on it. On Tuesday, I finally got round to doing a test dose of it and am now trialling it for one month. So far, it has been going ok, it seems to make me quite breathless and tight chested but I do Bricanyl inhaler just before the nebuliser so that seems to ease the tightness a little bit. Hopefully this will boost my lung function and keep it stable. Fingers crossed! I am also on Chloramphenicol oral antibiotics for two weeks so hopefully they help out to!

Me doing the Vancomycin Nebuliser

Job wise, I now work in a junior school as a teaching assistant and I love it. I had an interview there back in December and found out on the same day as having the interview that I had been successful and got the job! So I have been there since the end of January. It is more hours than I worked at the nursery, but I seem to be managing it so far, so hopefully this continues.

Unfortunately, we lost our dog Maddy back in March as she had a tumour. We all really miss her.

I have to go back to hospital for a follow up of the Vancomycin trial on 13th May so hopefully all goes well! I then have my annual review on 2nd June, so if I remember to get round to blogging... I will do an update!

Sorry it was only a quick update!

Night :)

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