Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hospital Appointment- 9th January

I had hospital on Friday which is my first appointment since 28th November. 6 weeks without having to call them to be seen earlier, that's good for me. 

However, I have had this horrible tickley cough for about 2 weeks now where I have been waking up every night coughing for over an hour but it's just a dry cough and nothing comes up. So annoying! I have been a bit more productive in the day than normal too but have been doing lots of physio to shift it all and cough it up. 

I drove myself up for my appointment at 11:30 as mum was working. So it was my first appointment on my own. I didn't mind though. When I arrived Jackie did my obs and I did my lung function. Surprisingly my lung function was at 68%!!! It hasn't been that good without ivs or oral antibiotics for a ages. So that was a good start despite the cough. Charissa came and saw me after, my weight had dropped a little but she wasn't concerned as it wasn't a huge amount.

Dr.Higton came to see me and I was happy to see her because she's been off work since January last year on maternity leave with her little boy. She said I was looking really well and was very happy that I have stuck at my physio since the last time I saw her. I explained how I had been feeling and the cough had been keeping me up at night. She explained that it is most likely to be acid reflux if nothing is coming up when I cough so told me to double my dose of Omeprazle and to take it just before bed and hopefully that will sort it out but it may take a few weeks. Then to keep up with the physio to carry on bringing up as much sputum as I can. That was a good result for me as I was expecting to be told I would need some Iv's, so I'm glad the hard work with phsyio kept the lung function up.

Jo came and saw me last and was pleased I was keeping at the physio and that the lung function hadn't dropped. Then Emy came and flushed my port and I was ready to go home. 

Hopefully the Omeprazle fixes the cough and it has sorted itself by my next appointment on the 9th February. Otherwise, Dr.Higton said it may be that I need some Iv's.

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