Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hospital Discharge and IV Follow Up

Since my last post where I said I was hoping to be sent home on the Friday, I ended up staying until the Monday as I had a temperature all day on the Thursday. On the Sunday, 14th September, Rhada took me to do my lung function and it had improved right up to 70% YAY! So I expected to be going home on Monday with a result as good as that. 

On Monday, after I had my breakfast, meds and physio I went home to go and get my hair dyed... Brown! I have brown hair. It was a big shock at first as I've always been blonde but it has grown on me now and I like it. While I was at home, Judith phoned and said Dr Orchard was happy for me to go home and didn't need to see me but I had to go back to collect my things and have my last lot of IV's for the day as the home delivery wouldn't arrive until Tuesday.

Since then, I have done well with physio, mum and dad have really helped out with the ivs and my lung function is at 74%! That's probably the best it's been in about 3 years. I am so happy. Jo and Dr Orchard were both really impressed as well and have said I don't need to be seen for 2 months providing I stay well. So I am keeping up with the physio and can get back into my swimming now the port is no longer accessed.

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