Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hospital Admission... BORING!

As you will know from the previous blog post, I had one week to try really hard with Physio and DNASE until mum was home and I had to go back to hospital. So yesterday, I came back to the hospital and despite doing really well with my physio my lung function had dropped :(! My cough has been bad again and I was up on Monday night for about 3 hours so had to call into work sick on Tuesday. 

So I have been admitted to hospital for some Iv's. I am on the usual Tobramycin and then 2 more different ones which means I have no idea how to spell them but I will give them a try haha... Teicoplainin and Meropenem. The Teicoplanin is 3 times for the first 24 hours and then it is just once a day after that. The Tobramycin is just once a day. And then the Meropenem is twice a day. So after today it means I will only have two IV times a day. All a bit confusing to understand but if you have CF you know the drift haha.

I'm hoping to only be in here until Friday after telling Dr.Ho I didn't want to be in at all, so he said maybe I could go home after 48 hours. So we will see. I've just had my morning physio and coughed up loads of crap (yuck!) and now I'm waiting for my lunch. Hospital food.. yum! NOT.

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