Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hospital Discharge and IV Follow Up

Since my last post where I said I was hoping to be sent home on the Friday, I ended up staying until the Monday as I had a temperature all day on the Thursday. On the Sunday, 14th September, Rhada took me to do my lung function and it had improved right up to 70% YAY! So I expected to be going home on Monday with a result as good as that. 

On Monday, after I had my breakfast, meds and physio I went home to go and get my hair dyed... Brown! I have brown hair. It was a big shock at first as I've always been blonde but it has grown on me now and I like it. While I was at home, Judith phoned and said Dr Orchard was happy for me to go home and didn't need to see me but I had to go back to collect my things and have my last lot of IV's for the day as the home delivery wouldn't arrive until Tuesday.

Since then, I have done well with physio, mum and dad have really helped out with the ivs and my lung function is at 74%! That's probably the best it's been in about 3 years. I am so happy. Jo and Dr Orchard were both really impressed as well and have said I don't need to be seen for 2 months providing I stay well. So I am keeping up with the physio and can get back into my swimming now the port is no longer accessed.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hospital Admission... BORING!

As you will know from the previous blog post, I had one week to try really hard with Physio and DNASE until mum was home and I had to go back to hospital. So yesterday, I came back to the hospital and despite doing really well with my physio my lung function had dropped :(! My cough has been bad again and I was up on Monday night for about 3 hours so had to call into work sick on Tuesday. 

So I have been admitted to hospital for some Iv's. I am on the usual Tobramycin and then 2 more different ones which means I have no idea how to spell them but I will give them a try haha... Teicoplainin and Meropenem. The Teicoplanin is 3 times for the first 24 hours and then it is just once a day after that. The Tobramycin is just once a day. And then the Meropenem is twice a day. So after today it means I will only have two IV times a day. All a bit confusing to understand but if you have CF you know the drift haha.

I'm hoping to only be in here until Friday after telling Dr.Ho I didn't want to be in at all, so he said maybe I could go home after 48 hours. So we will see. I've just had my morning physio and coughed up loads of crap (yuck!) and now I'm waiting for my lunch. Hospital food.. yum! NOT.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

CT Scan and appointment

On Monday I had my CT scan and hospital appointment. The CT scan was scheduled anyway because I have been coughing up blood recently, so Dr.Ho wanted a scan to see if part of my lungs were damaged/ Then mum booked me the appointment because I've been feeling poorly and my cough is really bad.

Abbi took me to the appointment, as mum is on holiday, and we arrived just after 1:15pm as we had to take a detour as there was so much traffic on the M3. I had the CT scan first which was at 1:30pm. We met Karen Plews (mum's friend). Although, the radiographer wouldn't let Abbi or Karen in. I asked if Abbi could come just why I had the cannula put in as I had a horrible experience with them when I was younger. The radiographer managed to fit the cannula and the CT scan was over pretty quickly. Then I had to wait 15 minutes with the cannula in which I didn't enjoy. 

After that we had to go to the CF unit for my appointment at 2pm. Yam came and did my obs and then I did my lung function which was better than last time which is surprising considering I've been feeling crap! After that, Jo came and saw me and was really impressed as I have been doing physio and going swimming! She explained why the DNASE made me cough so much at the weekend and also explained the difference between how DNASE and Saline help me to cough up the sputum. Charissa also came and saw me although she didn't say much as she had no nagging to do where my weight is stable haha!

Dr Orchard (however you spell it), then came and see me. He said he had looked at the CT scan and there is A LOT of sputum in there. I explained I didn't want iv's yet due to mum being away. So instead, I've got until Wednesday to try really hard with the DNASE and physio and then go back to hospital on Wednesday and if I'm no better then I will have ivs.

Today I have been feeling really really crap and I can't wait for mum to come home tonight. The cough has been bad and I have been struggling to breathe. I think I will definitely be having a course of iv's on Wednesday :(.