Saturday, August 30, 2014

Poorly lungs

Just before I went on holiday I had an episode of coughing up blood so took some transamic acid and thankfully it stopped. But on the 2nd August it happened again and my cough was really bad so mum rang the hospital and got me an appointment for the Tuesday (5th August). 

I saw Doctor Ho and he prescribed me with some Augmentin for 3 weeks and requested a CT scan to see where the damaged bit of lung is. He said if the Augmentin doesn't help then there is something else they can do, which sort of scared me and I hope it doesn't have to happen. Basically they lazer off the damaged bit of lung which will stop it working and potentially decrease my lung function. 

Since the appointment I had 2 weeks holiday off of work so went to Grans house in Cornwall for a few days and then spent the following week with Max. But I started feeling not myself again and this week I have felt terrible :(. My cough is really bad, probably the worst it's been. So Mum rung the hospital on Friday and has got me an appointment for Monday. My CT scan is on Monday to so I will find out what will happen then. I'm likely to be kept in for Iv's but mum is away on holiday as of today so I'm hoping that they will let me wait until she is home next Saturday. But if I need them then I'll have to go in for a few days. 

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