Saturday, August 30, 2014

Poorly lungs

Just before I went on holiday I had an episode of coughing up blood so took some transamic acid and thankfully it stopped. But on the 2nd August it happened again and my cough was really bad so mum rang the hospital and got me an appointment for the Tuesday (5th August). 

I saw Doctor Ho and he prescribed me with some Augmentin for 3 weeks and requested a CT scan to see where the damaged bit of lung is. He said if the Augmentin doesn't help then there is something else they can do, which sort of scared me and I hope it doesn't have to happen. Basically they lazer off the damaged bit of lung which will stop it working and potentially decrease my lung function. 

Since the appointment I had 2 weeks holiday off of work so went to Grans house in Cornwall for a few days and then spent the following week with Max. But I started feeling not myself again and this week I have felt terrible :(. My cough is really bad, probably the worst it's been. So Mum rung the hospital on Friday and has got me an appointment for Monday. My CT scan is on Monday to so I will find out what will happen then. I'm likely to be kept in for Iv's but mum is away on holiday as of today so I'm hoping that they will let me wait until she is home next Saturday. But if I need them then I'll have to go in for a few days. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Gran Canaria 2014

I'm late with updating (as usual), but I'm hoping to get my blog all up to date this week!


On 10th July, me and Max went on holiday to Gran Canaria! We booked the holiday back in March and were really looking forward to it. Our flight was at 13:50pm so Max's dad dropped us at Gatwick Airport with plenty of time to spare. So we checked in, had a look around the duty free shops and then got a Mcdonalds before heading to our check-in gate.

We arrived into Gran Canaria just after 6pm (times are the same) and then had to get our cases and find our coach transfer to our hotel. 

Once we had arrived to the hotel we were given our room keys and unpacked our cases before going and getting some dinner in the restaurant. By this time it was about 9'oclock.

Our first day, we had a talk with Thomas cook about getting to know the area and what was on offer for us while we were there, looked around the hotel so we knew where to go etc and chilled around the quieter pool for the day. This pool was nice and relaxing as no children were allowed at this pool and all the entertainment happened at the other pool. In the evening, we had dinner in the hotel, as we were all inclusive, then stayed and watched the evening entertainment. Which unfortunately, we were disappointed with as it wasn't a very good show and the bar closed at 11pm! So that night we had an early night. 

On the Saturday, we chilled by the pool again and then in the evening, after dinner, we went out to the Yumbo town to look around. While we were there, we found a 17 hole mini golf course so had a game of that which we really enjoyed. I even got a hole in one on my first go after Max told me I was holding the golf club wrong... I don't think I was now, was I? haha. (We didn't take phones out with us, so didn't get any photos of the mini golf, woops!)

On Sunday, we got up early and had breakfast then got the bus to the beach! We got really burnt the by the pool the day before so ended up staying under the umbrella for most of the day! I even had a snooze! 

We then had some lunch and ice creams before jumping on the bus back to the hotel. 

Back at the hotel, we stayed by the pool until late so went for dinner a bit later. Then we stayed in by the bar and watched the evening entertainment. 

Monday was my favourite day! Aqaupark! We booked our tickets for Aqaupark with our Thomas Cook Rep after the talk on Friday. So on Monday we got up early and jumped in a taxi to Aquapark. It was such a brilliant day! We went on most the slides then had a bite to eat and a drink. Our drink cups were like buckets!

After lunch, we went on a few more slides (until I injured my leg where Max pushed us off so fast at the beginning!), I got a hair braid done and then... We swam with sea lions! It was such a great experience! The sea lion gave us both a kiss and cuddle, then we went into the water with her and threw a ball and a hoop which she brought back on her nose and got to swim while holding onto her back. 

 (excuse the bad quality of the pictures! It's a picture taken off the actual picture.)

After the busy day at the waterpark, we stayed in for the entertainment again as we were too tired to go out. 

On the Tuesday, we had a quiet morning by the pool and then in the afternoon we went Go Karting! Max does karting at home so was determined to try and beat the record there. He came fifth but the people at the track told us it was them who had set the other records and they do it every day so Max did really well. I however hated it haha! 

On the Tuesday evening, we had some dinner and then stayed to watch the parrot show! It was really fascinating to watch the parrots do all the different tricks! After the show, we went out to Yumbo to get some presents for our families.

Wednesday, our last full day, we chilled by the entertainment pool which Max really enjoyed after not wanting to go there all week! He played water polo and loved it. I didn't so much as our sunbeds were right behind one of the goals!

In the evening, on our last night. We went back to Yumbo to have a re-match at mini golf! We took phones this time to so actually got some photos!

Thursday was home time so we just chilled by the pool until it was time to get ready for our pickup transfer. We had a brilliant holiday and can't wait to go abroad next year!