Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tobi podhaler

There are 4 capsules per dose and you do 2 doses per day. You put the tablets into the podhaler, one at a time, and press the blue button at the top of the podhaler which pierces a small hole into the capsule so that the powder is released when you breathe in. You do 3 breaths per capsule and hold each breath for 3 seconds. A podhaler lasts for 7 days after opening. After this, you throw the podhaler away and open a new box which includes 14 doses of capsules (56 capsules) and a new inhaler. The company deliver enough boxes for 28 days so after this I go back to using my Ineb for one month until it is time for my month back on the Tobi podhaler. 

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