Friday, April 04, 2014

3 Week IV Follow Up.

After 3 long weeks of IV's, I went back to the hospital on Tuesday.

Mum took me for my appointment at 11:20am. When we arrived it was the usual process which I'm sure you are aware of by now from reading all my hospital appointment posts. Rhada came and did my obs and lung function. The lung function was a big shocker at just 56%! So instead of increasing after an extra two week of IV's since the last appointment, it had dropped even more. Me and mum were both slightly confused how 3 weeks of IV's and daily physio can make the lung function drop but clearly something hadn't worked!!

Dr. Ho came and saw me afterwards who was also concerned why there was no increase in the lung function. I explained that I was feeling better in my self but my chest still felt quite tight. He said he could tell just from me talking that my chest was tight by how I sounded. So he gave my chest a listen and couldn't hear any crackles. He explained that my body may just not react with IV's straight away until they are stopped as at Christmas my lung function took two weeks to improve after coming off of IV's anyway. He also said it's obviously not the infection causing the lung function to be rubbish because the IV's would have shifted that a bit and made an improvement if my body wasn't coping with the infection sitting in my lungs. 

So now the IV's have stopped and Dr.Ho has prescribed me with some Doxycycline for 1 month, Prednisolone for 2 weeks and a Seretide inhaler to try to stop my chest feeling tight and improve the lung function. 

My next appointment is the 23rd April so I'm hoping these tablets make an improvement this time as it feels like the IV's have been a complete waste of time!! So far though, the Doxycycline has made me feel really drained and achy every time I take it so I'm not sure whether it's a side affect or not. The Seretide also sends my heart rate flying and I can feel my heart beating really fast against my chest so that doesn't seem to good either. But we will see how I get on over the next few days.

Have a good weekend :)

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Tinie Tempah- The Demonstration Tour 2014

As you all well know I am Tinie Tempah's biggest fan and was lucky enough to meet him last year and if you didn't know, now you do! Every piece of Tinie merchandise I own is signed either because I met him and he did me a personal message or because I ordered something and he was kind enough to send me a signed copy. I say every piece, I got a programme and t-shirt at the concert and they aren't. Another meeting so you can sign them maybe Tinie ;)? haha. 

Back in September, I got some presale tickets to see Tinie at his Demonstration Tour on 18th December but unfortunately, he postponed the tour until the end of March because he felt the tour wouldn't be as good as he would have liked with the new album only released in November. I didn't mind waiting until them as I had the chance to see him in November at the Radio One Teen Awards anyway. 

Well after waiting a few months I finally got to see him again on Sunday at the O2 in London with Dad and Max!!

We left our house at 3pm and Dad drove us there so we would arrive in time to get something to eat and lineup before the doors opened at 6:30pm. We arrived around 5pm and I went and got a t-shirt to add to my Tinie collection! I had to wear it under my t-shirt that I was wearing because we were going in the standing area so I would have no where to put it down. After this we went to Garfunkel's and got something to eat. Me and Dad both had an all day breakfast and Max had a Carbonara. 

When we left the restaurant, two of the waitresses got really excited when they saw the back of my t-shirt because I had printed the photo of me and Tinie on it. It was funny because everyone kept looking at the back and saying 'oh my god it's her and Tinie Tempah' or other people even said 'look that's that girl off of Tinie's instagram'. I felt famous haha. 

After dinner we had to go to Entrance F to line up which was really busy already where everyone wanted to be close to the stage. We arrived just at the right time though as it started to get so packed afterwards!! We had to wait about 45 minutes in the line until the doors finally opened at 7pm. I guess they opened the standing area doors a bit later because of how quickly it was going to fill up. We did see Peter Beale in the line though #HIGHLIGHT. 

When we finally got in, we were given wristbands to say that we were standing and went and stood with the crowd. Tinie had a few support acts on first which were good but it felt like we had to wait ages! Krept and Konan were on first, then WizKid and finally DJ Fresh. Everybody started to get into the concert mode once DJ Fresh came on.

Tinie came on at around 9pm and opened with Lover Not A Fighter which was an amazing opening!! Everybody had their phones out filming him and Charlesy (his DJ). 

It was just crazy from then on, so amazing to be seeing Tinie in concert again. It was very different to my usual concert experiences though as I usually buy seats instead of the standing area. Although I had to keep jumping to see Tinie where I'm short, the atmosphere was crazy. He had so many surprise support acts come on too which was really good! Labrinth came on for 'It's OK', Laura Mvula for 'Heroes, Sway Clarke II for 'Tears Run Dry', Dan London for 'German Whip' and then 100K was just insaneeeee!! 100K is a song off of his EP 'Happy Birthday' and when he introduced the song he said it was for true Tinie fans and of course I knew the song! When I met him we told him it was Mum's favourite song so I had to get it on video for her. Everyone that features on the song with him came out on stage to sing it with him which was why it was so insane! G-Frsh, Tinchy Stryder and Krept & Konan and it was the first time ever that they had all performed it together live. 

Children Of The Sun was another amazing moment, Tinie got everyone to light their torches up on their phones at the end of the song and it was just crazy! The whole arena was lit up and it looked so cool. 

Charlesy's video

As you can tell I loved the concert and could go on about it for ever on here! But I'll leave it there and add some photos and videos to the post to show you how good it was. Now I just can't wait to see him again at Wireless Festival on 4th July I'm sure he'll be amazing as always!