Thursday, March 20, 2014

IV's Follow Up... More IV's :(

I went back to the hospital on Tuesday following up my last week of IV's on Teicoplanin. I had an early appointment at 9am as the clinic was closed but they allowed me to come anyway as that was what Dr. Higton had requested. Unfortunately, she wasn't there though as she had gone on maternity leave the previous morning and she has now had her baby. Congratulations to Dr. Higton on the birth of your little baby boy William!!

When we arrived Jackie came and did my obs and lung function. The lung function had increased back up to 61% which I think is good for a week of IV's! However, I didn't feel much difference after the week as I was still up in the night coughing some nights and I had coughing fits in the morning too.

Jo came in and saw me and was pleased that the lung function has improved and said to keep that and the DNASE up once a day until I'm feeling better. She said once I'm not feeling so bad to not worry about the DNASE every day and try every other day instead.

After that, I waited to see Dr.Ho but he didn't arrive before mum had to leave for an audit at 10am. So I was on my own for the rest of the appointment.

Once mum had left Dr.Ho arrived at about 10:15am and said that he wanted me on the Teicoplanin for another 2 weeks and Tobramycin and Ceftazidime. Which is rubbish news! He didn't even let me negotiate so I wasn't in the best of moods. He also said he wanted bloods done, knowing I only let mum take them, but she wasn't there. So I had to let Judith attempt to take them.

More IV's and some bloods meant I had to stay at the hospital for test doses and my arm to numb to have the bloods. This also meant I had to have my port needle changed otherwise it would be in for a total of 3 weeks. So Judith attached the Ceftazidime IV, put some Emla cream on my right arm (that's the arm where mum always gets the blood first time) and left me for half an hour as that is how long the IV takes to go through. I was so bored so resulted to watching Jeremy Kyle which I can't stand but there was nothing else on! Once the Ceftazidime was done Judith then swapped them over and attached the Tobramycin. Luckily I didn't have to have a test dose of Teicoplanin IV where I'd been on it for a week already, but I did have to attach it before I left the hospital. Once another half an hour had passed and the Tobramycin was done, Judith flushed that off and removed the port needle and applied more Emla to the port so that it would be numb for the new needle to go back in. She then did my bloods, she failed the first two times but where my arm was really numb and it was a small needle it didn't hurt too much although it is bruised now. Then once all the bloods were done I went to the car to get my Teicoplanin to attach once the new needle was in and got my sausage and mash ready meal for Jackie to heat up for me as I had to go straight to work after! After I had my lunch Judith put the new needle in which all went fine, then I was off to work after a very long morning!!

I drove back to work on my own which was scary as it was my first long drive on my own and I had to try to remember the way! I went the A30 though as I haven't been on the motorway just yet. Luckily, I got to work in the end around 1pm.

Since Tuesday, the IV's have been draining me right out. When the afternoon ones are done I'm half asleep and no energy where I've had so much pumped into me! Not good.

Work have been really helpful and decreased my hours again though so we shall see how I get on these next two weeks.

I've got to go back to hospital on 1st April after the two week course of IV's have finished. It seems like so long away where I'm on so many meds but hopefully we see a good result.

Night :) x

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