Saturday, March 15, 2014


Now you know what I mean when I said in the previous blog post I couldn't be admitted to hospital because I had an important date.

I had my driving test and I passed!

I didn't pass first time but I got there in the end so I'm overly happy that I can drive my car on my own. 

My test was at 10:44am so when I found out that good news I was able to go home and get ready for work and then drive myself there! I also then drove to Max's in the evening. 

On the way back home from Max's I stopped off to get some petrol and had a palava with the petrol cap! I couldn't seem to get the petrol cap back in and ended up asking two people for help after being there for atleast 15 minutes. The second person that helped was driving a Fiat 500 themselves so they showed me exactly how it fits back in and when to twist the key so I tried today and managed to do it first time thank god. 

I then drove to work on Thursday morning which was very scary and I did panic a lot but I got to work okay in the end! 

I've just got to get use to driving on my own and knowing the roads now but the more practise, the more confident I will be. I am so happy though! No more L Plates for me!

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