Sunday, January 19, 2014

London Outing

I haven't done a 2014 blog post yet! So happy new year and I hope January has been great for everyone so far.

Last weekend Max treated me to a day out in London as we'd been together 1 year. It was a great day!

We got the train to Waterloo from Basingstoke at 11am. Unfortunately, it was so busy and all 10 coaches were full! There were not even single seats next to strangers, so we had to sit on the floor the whole way there. We arrived at Waterloo at around 12:15 but it felt like a lot longer due to sitting on the floor.

We then walked to the Aquarium but went for a Mcdonalds first. Max had a good start to the day when he opened up the Mcdonalds bag to find that they'd given him 2 chicken legends so he got 1 free! It was so busy in there that 2 different workers must have put a chicken legend in the bag without checking! 

We got to the Aquarium at around 1, just when it started to get busy, but we didn't have to queue as Max had pre booked priority tickets so we skipped all the waiting! We spent about two hours in the aquarium and we were both so fascinated by everything! We saw lots of different fish (obviously), penguins and watched the sharks being fed! It was good to do something different than Basingstoke for once.

After the Aquarium we stopped off for a drink before getting the tube which was funny. Max had never been on the underground before and I've only ever been with mum so wasn't exactly sure where to go. So we got our tickets on the machine and ended up buying a day travel card instead and then asked a lady which line to get on to go to Leicester Square. We got to Leicester Square fine but by this time my feet were absolutely killing me as I stupidly wore my new trainers which ended up being too small and crushed my toes. We had a look at some restaurants so we had an idea for dinner and then went to Oxford Street. We didn't end up doing any shopping except getting me some more shoes to wear from Topshop which hurt my feet even more.

We ended up heading back to Leicester Square for some dinner as we were both tired. We went to a place called Muriel's Kitchen which was nice, the food was lovely. Most places were really busy but we got here just before the queues started which was lucky. I had a meatball dish which I really enjoyed and Max had a spicy pizza. We then had milkshakes afterwards which was yummy too!