Monday, December 30, 2013


I've been a little slow on updating because my hospital appointment was on Christmas Eve last week so we were busy preparing for Christmas after.

Mum took me there for my appointment at 9:40am. First I saw Jackie and she did my obs and lung function. Unfortunately, even after two weeks of Iv's and physio I still had a cold and the lung function had only improved by 9% so was up to 58%. So I was expecting to have my Iv's extended for another week.

Dr. Ho came in a while after and spoke to me about my lungs. He said the Iv's are obviously not clearing the infection and are just making my lungs less infected when on Iv's but as soon as they finish the infection fights back again. He said Iv's may not always be the best for an infection and it could simply be to do more physio and try and fight it. So instead of an extension on my Iv's, he stopped them and told me to go back to my Bramitob instead of the Promixin in my puffer. Then everyday an hour before physio, to do my DNASE nebuliser and when I do my physio treatment he told me to use hypertonic saline in the BiPAP machine instead of normal water. I wasn't happy about this as hypertonic makes me loose my voice but I agreed to try it anyway. 

After my hospital appointment, mum took me back to work but I was only working until 4 as we closed early for Christmas.

When I got home from work on Christmas Eve, I had a really bad headache and my voice went all croaky! I couldn't blame it on the hypertonic saline as I hadn't even started it yet. So I took some tablets and tried to feel better as we had people over for Christmas drinks. Once I had the last dose of Iv's, mum took the port needle out and I went and had a bath as I still wasn't feeling well. Any CFer knows how good it feels to be able to have a proper bath once the port needle is out! After my bath, everyone had left so the five of us watched some telly and then went to bed ready for Christmas.


On Christmas morning, for the first year ever, we didn't get up early! I woke up at 8am but mum said the night before we weren't getting up until 10am. So I went back to sleep, although I heard mum up anyway but I couldn't be bothered to get up haha! At about 9:45am I had been awake for a while so was about to get up when Abbi texted me anyway asking if I was awake. So we got up, woke George up and took our stockings into mum and dad's room to open as we do this every year. In my stocking I got make-up, Shake Away milkshake vouchers, Disney trivia game, chocolate and lots of little bits. Then once we had done our stockings, we had to get three Disney trivia questions correct each before we could go downstairs.

Before opening our presents, I did my puffer and we all had some breakfast. By this point it was about 10:30am haha! Usually we are all done opening by then! I got lots of cool presents; hair dryer, katie price book, clothes, perfume, ted baker bag, ted baker bath set, Tinie Tempah Demonstration signed vinyl, sweets, Disney CD, Just Dance 2014, Pyjamas and lots more. Then we did our main presents and I got a gold Iphone 5S!! I was spoilt! Thanks Mum and Dad :D.

We then showered, tidied away all of our presents and had our roast turkey dinner which was lovely!! After this we played games all evening which ended up going on until about 12:30am!

On Boxing day we had the family and boyfriends round; Grandma, Grandad, Uncle Tim, Auntie Selina, Chloe, Adam, Max and Adam (Abbi's boyfriend). George was working until the evening so Ben didn't come round either. Before all the family arrived I did my presents with Max and he got me my birthstone Pandora ring and lots of other little bits which was lovely. Then when the family arrived it was lunch and then more games! Including Just Dance, Table football and then back to the board games! It was a great day but over so quickly!

On Friday, I booked it off work so spent the day with Max. We went shooping in Basingstoke Sales in the morning which was a bit of a disaster as we didn't really end up buying anything! Then we went back to his for the afternoon/evening and spent it with his family

I had a great Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Less than 2 months!

I haven't even been off of Iv's 2 months and I'm back on them again! Brilliant :(! 

On Tuesday I had an appointment at Frimley at 11:40am. So mum came and picked me up from work and drove us there. I was already feeling rubbish and had been since the weekend as I have a cold, plus my cough hasn't been great again so I was expecting my lung function to be rubbish. But that was also because I have not been doing physio as much as I should be.

When we arrived Jackie did my obs and my lung function. Like I say I was expecting my lung function to be rubbish but was very shocked when my results read just 49%! That's the lowest it's ever been. Mum said the cold probably didn't help that but still I wasn't happy and knew I'd be told I needed Iv's.

When Dr.Higton came in and saw me she said straight away that she thinks Iv's would be the best option to get me well for Christmas. (Just in time though as the Iv's would finish on Christmas eve!). But I didn't want to be on more Iv's after less than two months. So she said we could try some orals for a few weeks and if they don't work I would then have to have Iv's anyway. But mum was saying how she was off work for the next 10 days so I may as well have the Iv's now as she will be at home to help me. So I decided to go with the Iv's although I was not best pleased about it. I told Dr.Higton I didn't want to be on lots of antibiotics though as I wanted to still be able to go to work and last time it tired me out being on more antibiotics! So I've got Ceft twice a day and Toby once a day which isn't to bad as they can be done at 6 in the evening so no late nights and 6 in the morning which means I can still go to work.

Once I had my first dose of each antibiotic, I rung work and told them I was on Iv's again and they said to not worry about coming back until tomorrow as it was already 3 o'clock, so me and mum went home.

On Wednesday, I woke up feeling rubbish because of this cold. So mum rang up work and said I wouldn't be in after all. But they were fine with it and have shortened my hours while I'm on Iv's.

So me and mum have been back on the physio to get my lung function up again and hopefully these Iv's shift this cold in time for Christmas day!