Friday, November 22, 2013

November :)

I'm getting worse and worse at updating my blog! I keep forgetting as it takes time and I can never find the time to sit down and do it!

I now have the time though as I'm off work ill today :(. I went to bed last night with a jacket on as I was freezing cold and couldn't warm up. Then woke up this morning feeling hot, went and washed my hair and came back to my room, I coughed once and then was sick! Brilliant :(! So now I'm back in bed with a stomach ache. 

Going back to when the blog was last updated takes us back to the end of October so I'll go from the Halloween party!! 

On Friday 1st November we decided to have a fancy dress Halloween party after Jenny jokingly asked mum if we could have a party a few weeks before. So mum invited her friends and I also had a few people over. However, it wasn't just your average fancy dress party, dad decided to go a little OTT with doing the house up! It took him ten hours! We couldn't see the original walls of the house as it was so decorated! 


It was a really good night and everyone enjoyed themselves. On Saturday it took dad just as long to clear up than it did to set up haha! 

On Sunday 3rd November me and my cousin Chloe went to watch the Radio One Teen Awards at Wembley Arena. It is for 13-17 year olds only so I decided I'd go to see what it was like as it was the last year I could go and because Tinie was performing so I couldn't miss it!! Of course Tinie was AMAZING! He closed the show once we had seen the awards and watched Jessie J, Rizzle Kicks, James Arthur, Icona Pop and Fall Out Boy perform. They were really good but I didn't properly get into it until Tinie came on where I just went crazy like I always do when watching him live haha. Everyone must have thought I was mad! Although everyone was pretty hyper especially when a thank you video of One Direction came on the screens. You couldn't even hear what they were saying as the crowd were screaming so loud! 

When dad came to pick us up it was really busy along the roads so me and Chloe just walked until we found where he said he was! When we finally nearly found him, we walked around the back of Wembley and saw loads of teenagers waiting for the celebs to come out. But decided it would be better to find dad as we had been looking for him for ages now. When we got in the car we heard loads of people screaming and when we pulled forward a car with blacked out windows pulled up behind us. The window went down on the car and somebody screamed 'it's Tinie Tempah' but I was too much of a wimp to get out and see him in case he didn't recognise me. But he liked my video on Instagram of me singing to Miami to Ibiza so must have watched that! 

Then on Monday 4th November Tinie's new album 'Demonstration' came out. I preordered it off of his website and when I did this it said he would be signing 100 random copies so I might receive one and guess what... When I got home from work on Monday and opened the album it was a signed copy!!! I was so excited. I instagrammed a photo and tagged Tinie saying 'you must have told them to send me one' and he commented a wink face so he must have done!

On Thursday 7th November it was Sian's 19th Birthday so I did my usual and let off a balloon for her to receive up in heaven. I watched it disappear right into the clouds. Xxx

It was also Tinie's 25th Birthday so I instagrammed him a photo and he commented saying thanks. It's like we are friends haha! 

On Saturday 9th November me and Max went to Wade's house as his mum had organised a surprise party for him as his birthday was also Thursday. It was a good night and really good to see the boys and Wade's family. 

The follwing Friday (15th November) was Lisa's 18th Party in Newbury. I went with Max, Greg and Tom and we met the others there. It was good to see the college group and Lisa of course!

Then finally on the Saturday me, Mum and Dad went to the Ideal Homes Show at Earls Court. It was so busy! We got a few christmas presents for people and I got to meet Amy Childs as she was doing signings at her stall. 

Sorry if I bored you but I hadn't done an update in a while!