Monday, October 07, 2013

Max's 18th Birthday Weekend

Yesterday was Max's Birthday and he finally turned 18 so I spent the weekend with him.

On Saturday Jenny and Kelly came over at about 5pm and we ordered a Dominoes and got ready for Max's Party. Mum and Dad dropped us there for 8'clock and they stayed at Max's for a while to talk to his parents and because they wanted to see him open one of his presents that Dad had got him as it may have come in handy that night. It was a pair of blue sunglasses but the end of the arms on the glasses were bottle openers, everyone at the party loved them and were coming up to Max every time they needed a beer opening! Dad got them because he said Max drank a lot of alcohol in Turkey, so they'd come in handy for his holiday next year haha!

After mum and dad left I finally spoke to everyone who Max had invited and we partied to celebrate him turning 18 on Sunday. Well it was Sunday by the time the party had finished, so we sang Happy Birthday at 12am and Max opened the champagne.. I say opened, he did it 'F1 style' and shook the bottle everywhere! The last half an hour of the party was when everyone actually bothered to dance even though Max's dad had set up the lights and speakers which were blaring all night!

When the party was over, me, Max and his parents cleared up the bottles and plates until Jane told Max off for tidying up as it was his 18th! So Jane and Chris tidied in the morning instead. 

In the morning when Max finally bothered to wake up (lazy!), he opened all of his presents I had got him and loved them all! I got him Nike Janoski's, McLaren 50th anniversary Links of London bracelet and pin, some tops, Uno as we played it all the time in Turkey and some Calvin Klein's. We then got up and had a fry-up which was lovely and waited for Max's parents and Sam to get back from Sam's football so that Max could open his presents from them. His mum and dad got him a driving experience to drive a Ferrari and Lamborghini! Exciting!

After presents, a few of Max's family came over for a piece of cake and to see Max obviously. We weren't allowed Max's karting birthday cake as it looked to good to cut up but Jane made a lovely sponge cake covered in Maltesers and chocolate fingers so we had that. 

Once his family left, Jane dropped Max and Chris at the pub and then dropped me back home for a few hours before we went out for dinner in the evening. 

They then came and picked me up again about 7:30pm and we went for a meal at coal which was lovely. 

It was a really good weekend and I think Max is 
glad to finally be 18! 

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