Wednesday, October 09, 2013


Last night wasn't too bad, I was started on Teicoplanin and I didn't react.. Woohoo! Dad came to visit me once he had finished work and brought me a Domino's pizza with potato wedges and cookies. Then he stayed and watched Eastenders with me. That's basically what my whole day consisted of, watching telly and laying in bed. BORING!

I woke up at about 4am having the worst coughing fit ever :(. At least it shows the antibiotics are already kicking in though! Then at 6am Sue came in and started me on some Ceftazidime and gave me another dose of Teicoplanin. 

I will be having Ceftazidime 3 times a day at 2pm, 10pm and 6am and have one more dose of Teicoplanin tonight at 8pm. Then tomorrow I will be started on Tobramycin which will be once a day at 6am before the Ceftazidime. 

I've been up showered and dressed since about 10am and now I'm so bored! Luckily, Max is coming to visit me later though.

This blog post is pretty boring but was just a quick update of what IV's I'm on.

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