Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Hospital Admission. Booo :(

Today I came up to the hospital for my regular check up. Me and mum left our house at 7:30am to be at my appointment for 8:30am. The traffic on the M3 was so bad we only just arrived in time at 25 past! 

When we arrived the HCA (health care assistant) did my obs and my lung function. Unfortunately, my lung function was still down in the 50's at just 57% which is rubbish for me. I looked back over my results from when I first joined Frimley when I was 16 and they have only actually been in the 70's after a boost of Iv's I had!

Dr.Higton came and saw me after and asked how I'd been keeping and I explained that my cough has been a lot worse than usual and that I haven't been doing my physio like I should! She then showed me a graph of my lung functions and said it would be best to have some Iv's but in hospital so I also get my required daily physio! She said I have to stay here a minimum of a week to make sure I'm better to go home to finish the Ivs. Rubbish!

So me and mum went home and got some stuff for my stay and then we came back and Max came with us so he knows the way for when he visits me tomorrow. 

Mum and Max dropped me off and then left at about 1:15pm as Max had to be back at college for his lessons. So I had lunch and then went for a nap. Then Judith came in to access my port and the physio then came in at 3pm and we did a session on my Positive Pressure machine. 

Since then I have been on the phone to George for a while and am now updating this.

I'm not sure what Iv's I'm going to be on yet, a doctor has just been in to see me and said he will find out. I do know Dr.Higton wants to try me on teicoplanin again though as they were not sure if I actually reacted to it last time back in March or if it was because I was so ill. But i'll keep my blog updated anyway so anyone who wants to know can have a read.


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