Sunday, October 20, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Yay I'm home!! Well I have been for a week tomorrow but have only just got round to blogging so sorry for the late update!

Last Monday morning, I was woke up at 8am by Julie with my breakfast- a fry up! Although, after having fry ups every day for nearly a week I was not very excited to eat it.After my fry up I got up and did my medicine and DNase ready for when the physiotherapist comes round at about 11. I was expecting the doctors to be round at 9:30 so I played Mario Kart until then but there was no sign. My Tobramycin was due at 10am so I couldn't even go for a bath yet. Once that was finally finished at 10:30, I went for a bath and did my hair and put on a little bit of make up too make myself look less rough in the hope that I could go home. 

The physio (I forgot her name as there is so many) came about 11:15 and we did a session on my BiPAP machine with percussions and managed to clear my chest. 

The doctor then finally came around at 11:30 and had a chat with me. He told me he had spoke to Dr.Higton and ideally they would like me to stay until Wednesday as it was better medically, but it was up to me if I wanted to go home. I explained to him that I could do everything I was doing here at home and that the lung function had improved which is what they wanted to monitor over the weekend. He then said he didn't want it to go downhill again when I got home so I explained that no physiotherapists were even in at the weekend so I did the physio myself which obviously had an impact as my lung function was 74%! Of course with my explanations and knowing my own health he allowed me to go home.. wooooo!!

Judith came in at about 3 o'clock, once mum had arrived, and did an order for my home Ivs to be delivered  However, they wouldn't be delivered until Tuesday morning so I would miss my evening dose of meds. On Tuesday we waited in for the IV order to arrive which was due to come between 10-12. At 12:10 there were still no sign of Ivs so mum gave the company a call and they said they didn't realise the driver was running late so would get back to us. At 12:30 they called back and said they were trying to track the order so would call us again when they knew. (Bare in mind by now I have also missed the morning dose of meds). We didn't hear from them again, so at 1:30 mum called up feeling quite cross and explained the order was over an hour and half late and that now I have missed another dose. They explained the order had been lost and it would now not be with us until 5:30 as it comes from Cheshire. Mum was really cross that one, we had to wait in and delay our plans and two, that I had missed yet another dose!

So we went to town and did a bit of shopping and then came back in time for the delivery. Once it came we attached an Iv and mum changed around the times of the meds so I would be able to go to work.

On Wednesday, I went into work and saw Sarah who did a risk assessment to check it would be okay to come to work and that I wasn't putting myself or the children at risk. Luckily, it was all fine and I was back to work on Thursday. It was a lovely welcome back, the staff all cheered and I had babies cuddling me and shouting my name. I received a lovely get well card signed individually by each baby and staff member. 

I over did it a bit on Thursday though and got back into the routine too quick and managed to tire myself out! After work, I had a driving lesson and then a hair appointment and by the time all this was done I found myself in bed thinking what a busy day!

It feels good to be back on my toes and well again though. The Ivs finish on Tuesday and I've got a clinic appointment then to check I'm all okay. So will update you when I know! I've got to go back and do my apprenticeship work now.

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