Sunday, October 13, 2013

Good Lungs!

After a really boring physiotherapy filled week (well 6 days so far) my lung function has finally improved from 57% to 74% YAY! I am so happy! If this is just 6 days worth of physiotherapy and Ivs I'd like to know if my lung function is going to go up by any more for the next 8 days that I have left on Ivs. 

After writing my last post 'Ivs' back on Wednesday I later found out the Teicoplanin was carrying on for the next two weeks but for once a day instead which would be at 6am. This meant the Tobramycin couldn't be done at 6am as I can't have 3 antibiotics all at the same time one after another. All a bit confusing but basically I am on 3 different Ivs, 5 times a day. Ceftazidime and Teicoplanin at 6am, Tobramycin at 10am, Ceftazidime at 2pm then Ceftazidime again at 10pm. Then on top of all these Ivs, I have physio sessions at 11am and 3pm when Jo or another physiotherapist comes round and does some percussion while I breathe on my BiPAP machine. 

So when you think hospital is just a time to relax because you're ill, its not all that easy!

In between my 3pm and 10pm Iv and physio sessions I have been allowed home for a few hours each day which has got me through this week a little bit easier. 

Max came and saw me on Wednesday as he only had one lesson at college and he turned up about 1:30pm with a Mcdonalds for me (except I didn't eat it where I felt crap), then once the Ivs and physio were done we came home for a few hours. Dad then dropped me back in the evening. 

On Thursday Mum and Dad were both working and Max had a full day at college, so Abbi came and saw me for a few hours and we went out to Costa and Mcdonalds but I actually ate it this time! I only had a chicken mayo as dinner was waiting for me back at the hospital. Dad then arrived so Abbi left and he stayed with me until Eastenders had finished. 

Friday was the doctor's round and I was hoping to be told I could go home... but no, they said I had to stay until Monday as they want to check my Lung Function has improved. Which clearly it has! So Dad came and collected me after my 2pm Ivs. A different physiotherapist was on who only comes round once a day so I had to do my other session myself which I did in the evening. Max then came over in the afternoon, once he had finished college, and me and him went out to the Beach Arms Carvery which was lovely! Mmmm Roast Turkey, my favourite. After that we came home and chilled for a few hours before going back to hospital for my 10pm Ivs and for a Mario Kart Wii race!

Saturday Dad couldn't pick me up until 4pm after his golf lesson so I watched a movie until he arrived. When I got home I had a nice hot bath- well I say nice, anyone with CF who has a port that is accessed knows how difficult it is to bath without dropping your tube in or getting the dressing wet! Mum came home about 6:30pm and we ordered a Nandos Takeaway. All these fastfoods and takeaways makes me sound really unhealthy, but again anyone with CF will know how boring hospital food gets! I've had fry-ups every morning and I tell you, I'm bored of them!

Then there's today, Sunday, Dad picked me up at 2pm as Sweetie did the Ivs early so I could be at home for longer. The physiotherapists don't come at weekends so I did my BiPAP machine before dad arrived. So since being at home I have completed my Apprenticeship work as I have missed lots due to not being at the nursery this week and can't attend my training tomorrow and now I'm updating this for you people who are kind enough to read it! I've got to have more bloods done tonight, for the 3rd time this week, to test my Tobramycin levels to make sure everything is okay which mum will do before we head back to the hospital tonight. I'm driving us back tonight in my car as I haven't been out in a while!

I hope to be told by Dr.Ho I can finally come home tomorrow and finish the next week of Ivs here. So fingers crossed he says yes as my lung function has improved! I'll update you all tomorrow

Naomi :)

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