Saturday, October 26, 2013

A little bit of good news!

As you know the ivs finally finished on Tuesday!

Me and mum went up to the hospital for my appointment at 11:40am where Sam came and did my weight and lung function and finally... I'm at the weight I've been working towards for about 3 years! 50kg!!! It was back when I was at the Royal Brompton when I was about 14 that Dr.Rosenthal told me I had to get up to 50kg or I'd need a feeder. Well I've done okay without one this many years so I won't be needing one of those!

The lung function was 75% so only 1% more since last time. But it's good that it's staying up in the 70's!!

Dr Higton then came in and said she was really impressed and to keep the physio up and she'd see me in 4 weeks time.

Yay all good news!! 

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  1. You go girly! Happy to hear your good news.