Sunday, September 22, 2013

Port blockage :(

Boohoo! Just been up to Frimley to have my regular port flush to stop it from blocking and guess what... It's blocked!!!

Hannah came in and did the normal procedure- wipe the area, put the needle in etc. But when she attached the syringe the saline would not go in! She kept trying but it would not budge and I ended up having a shower of saline all over me!  She went off to go and get Sweetie and I noticed the needle was placed differently so hoped when Sweetie had a go it would work. 

Sweetie came in and tried but again it wouldn't work. I thought maybe it moved after my skydive as I did say on the day that it had!

I've got to come back on Tuesday where Brenda is going to try but if it doesn't work then i'll have to have an x-ray and maybe a new port which means another operation!!! 

I'm off to see George in her new flat at uni now as it's my first Sunday off but what a downer to my Sunday the port blockage has been :(! 

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