Thursday, September 26, 2013

Panic over!

I went back to the hospital on Tuesday to get my port sorted out. Me and mum went up there in the morning as Judith said to come in early, but it took forever as there was so much traffic on the M3. 

When we got there Judith got the needle ready and cleaned the port area. She put the needle in and this time it looked like it should do when the port has been accessed. And it flushed all fine without any problems! Looks like the needle just didn't go in correctly last time!

 Panic over!! 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Port blockage :(

Boohoo! Just been up to Frimley to have my regular port flush to stop it from blocking and guess what... It's blocked!!!

Hannah came in and did the normal procedure- wipe the area, put the needle in etc. But when she attached the syringe the saline would not go in! She kept trying but it would not budge and I ended up having a shower of saline all over me!  She went off to go and get Sweetie and I noticed the needle was placed differently so hoped when Sweetie had a go it would work. 

Sweetie came in and tried but again it wouldn't work. I thought maybe it moved after my skydive as I did say on the day that it had!

I've got to come back on Tuesday where Brenda is going to try but if it doesn't work then i'll have to have an x-ray and maybe a new port which means another operation!!! 

I'm off to see George in her new flat at uni now as it's my first Sunday off but what a downer to my Sunday the port blockage has been :(! 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Toms 18th!

Last Night we went to Tom's house to celebrate as he turned 18 on Wednesday. It was such a great night seeing everyone as I don't see them every day any more as I'm not at college.

I don't really have much to blog about it, except some photos, but seeing as the blog is called Port, Pills and Parties it seems like I should have some posts about parties ;).

I hope you enjoyed it Tom! Enjoy the big 18!


I'm not sure whether I blogged a while back or not that Me, Max, Mum, Dad, Abbi, Adam (her boyfriend) and George were going on holiday to Turkey. But we've been now and had such a great time! 

We did lots of exciting things...

Sunshine boat trip around Altinkum where we stopped at 5 different beaches/small islands and had the chance to jump off of the top deck of the boat. I didn't jump though because when I did it last year, I couldn't hold my breath for that long! Bloody lungs!

Yesilkent Beach where we sunbathed and went on the double lilo in the sea. Max, George, Abbi and Adam also went on Jet-ski's too. I didn't because I took my antibiotics on an empty stomach and ended up being sick at the beach (eww). I sound so boring not joining in but I felt really ill that day.

Penguin beach where the 5 of us; Me, Max, George, Abbi and Adam went on the inflatable sofa that gets pulled along by the speedboat.It was so fun where it bounced through the big waves! Scary trying to keep a good grip on the handles though! Dad, Adam and George also went on the Ringos but regretted it after once they had been chucked off into the sea and kneed themselves in the face haha!!

Medusa Nightclub which was really busy! Not many English people were there but it was still a good night. Apart from the fact George got chatted up by Emre at Penguin beach before and then he found us in the nightclub haha!

Go-Karting, obviously we had to go for Max because it's his hobby and of course he won every time. It was really fun but I had a bad backache for a few days after! We went back here on our last day but I only karted once this time.

Aqua Park, this was really funny! Me, Max, Dad and George all held on to each others hoops and went down the slides together! We went speeding down until we got to the bottom and it was one big bundle into the water! We went on one slide with a big bowl inside and I ended up falling out of my hoop where I got tipped up!

I wont carry on going on as you can probably tell just from reading this, that we had an amazing holiday!! 

I'm back at work now, in the nursery, and am loving being there! I just can't wait for our next holiday!