Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hospital check-up

It's taken me a while to blog this as I have been really busy with my new job and skydive etc..

I had a hospital appointment at Frimley a few weeks ago on 6th August. This was the follow up appointment to my annual assessment so I finished off any tests I hadn't completed at my last appointment and Dr. Higton compared my results to the last year.

Four days before my appointment me and mum did my glucose tolerance tests (tests for diabetes) at home as I don't let anyone else take my blood. This involves taking bloods, then drinking a horrible sugary drink, taking bloods 1 hour after and then again two hours after. This wasn't too bad as mums brilliant at taking my bloods! Just the drink is revolting!! 

Good news... Dr.Higton told us these results came back negative so I don't have CF- Related diabetes. Wooo! Most adults living with CF have some degree of diabetes or glucose intolerance. Cystic fibrosis—related diabetes (CFRD) is a unique type of diabetes that only people with cystic fibrosis can get. CFRD is similar to, but not the same as, diabetes in people who do not have cystic fibrosis. So touch wood I've got a few more years without it, or never get it!

I also did my lung function tests with Rhada, the health care assistant, which was a bit of a shock for me. After doing the tests I looked at the screen and told mum the results showed 76% which I was quite happy about. Rhada then told me I was reading the incorrect part and showed me a different page which read 58%!!! That will be for not doing my physio like I'm supposed to! A bit of a downer really as I didn't think it was so bad!

I had a talk with Dr.Higton about the importance of my health and future and that I really need to do my physio if I want to stay well! She prescribed me with some ciprofloxacillin to take on holiday to Turkey with me incase my cough gets any worse and some Bramitob as I do alternate months of this and my Promixin. (Check CF dictionary page).

After I had seen Dr. Higton, I did a fitness test with Jo, the physiotherapist, called the step test. This involved stepping up and down on a step at different speeds, there were 4 levels and each level the speed to step got faster and after each level Jo checked my heart rate. By then end I was so tired and out of breath!

Overall my appointment wasn't too bad just my lung function was a shock! 

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