Thursday, June 06, 2013


I've been busy with exams and revision so have only just around to blogging about my birthday!

Well for those of you who didn't know, my birthday was on Saturday 18th May and I turnt 17! I didn't get to see mum or dad because they were out as dad was completing Great Strides 65 with his team. Abbi was here when I woke up in the morning, so she took me for a McDonald's Breakfast before she went to work at 11am. George was working all day so I didn't get to see her either. After my McDonald's, I opened my presents and cards. Mum and dad had got me Nike Airmax, some clothes, my driving provisional licence, my learner insurance for the car and obviously the car :)!

In the afternoon, I met Jenny in town who took me for a Nandos which was lovely! We then did a bit of shopping and came back to my house.




Then in the evening I had a little gathering with my friends over; Jenny, Alice, Max, Greg, Tom, Jack, Josh, Wade and Jay.

I had booked the next day off of work, so I just chilled all day. Then on the Monday, I had my first driving lesson! Since then, I have had a further 3 lessons and mum has taken me out in my car everyday. I can't wait to be able to drive on my own now!

The following Friday (the 25th) I had a party to celebrate my birthday again with my friends and mum and dad were there this time. It was a really great night and I think everyone was feeling it the next day ;)...


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