Sunday, June 09, 2013

Bournemouth Beach

On Friday Me and my friends Jenny, Joe, Max, Alice, James, Jenny and Tom all went to Bournemouth beach!

Max and Joe came to get me and Jenny in Max's car at about 9am, Jenny stayed over on Thursday night so that she wouldn't have had to get the Andover bus in the morning. Then we met the other 4 in Alice's car at the Leisure Park and we all set off to the beach. On the way there it started really heavy raining and then there was thunder and lighting! So we decided to stop at a service station so that we could decide if there was any point still going to Bournemouth. We sat there for about 45 minutes and then decided to carry on to Bournemouth as we were only 28 minutes from there but 50 minutes from home and it was suppose to brighten up anyway.

Just as we turned up to Bournemouth the sun came out so it was good timing! The sun ending up shining all day until about 5pm until it rained again but we all managed to get really burnt :(! We underestimated the sun so didn't apply as much sun cream as we should have haha!

I was too busy sunbathing that I forgot to get many photos.. Woops! Infact I only got about 5!

After the beach Max dropped Jenny back to Andover and Joe back home. Then me and him went for a Dominoes as we couldn't be bothered to cook any dinner when we got home (lazy us)!

It was a really lovely chilled day and the weather turned out better than we expected! We are hoping to go again at the beginning of July :)!

Thursday, June 06, 2013


As you may know from reading my previous blog posts, on Saturday June 22nd 2013, me and my two bestfriends Josh and Wade will be doing a 10,000ft Tandem Skydive all in aid of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

I have reached my target of £1000 but that doesn't mean I'm done trying to raise money for the trust! So I would be extremely grateful if you could support me by sponsoring my skydive and giving a little donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

If you would like to sponsor me, you can do so by clicking on the tab 'My Skydive' at the top right of this page which will take you to the fundraising site.

Or visit 

Or if you would like to pay cash, I will be happy to meet you anytime before the big event!

Donating through the site is simple. My charity will recieve your money quickly and easily and if you are a UK taxpayer an extra 25% in tax will be added to your gift at no cost to you.

Thank you so much for your support and bring on 22nd June!!

P.s I'd like as many people to come and support me by coming to watch the Skydive happen in June. So if you could come I would be extremley grateful.


I've been busy with exams and revision so have only just around to blogging about my birthday!

Well for those of you who didn't know, my birthday was on Saturday 18th May and I turnt 17! I didn't get to see mum or dad because they were out as dad was completing Great Strides 65 with his team. Abbi was here when I woke up in the morning, so she took me for a McDonald's Breakfast before she went to work at 11am. George was working all day so I didn't get to see her either. After my McDonald's, I opened my presents and cards. Mum and dad had got me Nike Airmax, some clothes, my driving provisional licence, my learner insurance for the car and obviously the car :)!

In the afternoon, I met Jenny in town who took me for a Nandos which was lovely! We then did a bit of shopping and came back to my house.




Then in the evening I had a little gathering with my friends over; Jenny, Alice, Max, Greg, Tom, Jack, Josh, Wade and Jay.

I had booked the next day off of work, so I just chilled all day. Then on the Monday, I had my first driving lesson! Since then, I have had a further 3 lessons and mum has taken me out in my car everyday. I can't wait to be able to drive on my own now!

The following Friday (the 25th) I had a party to celebrate my birthday again with my friends and mum and dad were there this time. It was a really great night and I think everyone was feeling it the next day ;)...