Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hospital Appointment & Great Strides 65

It's been a while since I actually blogged about my health since my downfall back in March!! Since then, over April, I've been on a course of Ciprofloxacin, Itraconozole and Prednisolone. Although, that didn't really help out with my cough!

Last Tuesday, I had another hospital appointment for my monthly check up. I saw Dr. Ho who I told I had been waking up most nights coughing, so he suggested I try nebulised Bramitob which is similar to IV Tobramycin but a nebulised form. So I will be on that for one month instead of my Promxin and then back on the Promixin for a month so I alternate it.

As I couldn't remember if I had had Bramitob in the past, I had to have a test dose to see if I had any reactions.

Jo, the physiotherapist, sorted out my test dose which took me about 15 minutes to nebulise as the hospital don't have INEBs so you have to inhale it from the oxygen on the wall. Luckily I didn't have any reactions to it so Dr. Ho prescribed me on it.

I'm currently waiting for the new mouthpiece and equipment to put on my INEB so that I can do the Bramitob in as they have different pieces which work differently according to which medication you are nebulising. So until then I will carry on with the Promixin.

Aswell as, I'm not sure if I mentioned it in previous posts, but my dad and his work colleagues took part in the Great Strides 65 challenge on Saturday where they walked 65 kilometres (40.5 miles) all in aid of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. They managed to raise an amazing grand total of £2,841!!! Well done to team MPS (Mail Publisher Solutions) you did great!

Here are some photographs of the walk and the local Basingstoke newspaper that me and dad were in!



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