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Last Month... The Longest Blogpost EVER

Wow it's been over a month since I last blogged on here. I have excuses for not being able to blog though so sorry if you just thought I'd given up with my page, as I haven't!

Well the last month has been pretty hectic with my CF and everything!! As you already probably know from reading my other posts (and if you didn't, read them haha), I have been going downhill and getting iller for some time! Well it all hit me a bit too hard over March and I've been feeling rubbish!! I'll start from where everything was all fine :)! I'll warn you now though, this is going to be the longest blogpost ever!

Well my Uncle Mark and now Auntie Jo, got married on Saturday 2nd March in Wivenhoe House, Essex which was a lovely day! Congratulations again Marky and Jo :)! But in the evening after having just one bottle of Magners I started to feel really tired which has been happening to me the past couple of parties I have been to and drunk alcohol. So I stopped drinking and sat down while the disco was happening! Not like me at all! I then started to shiver and felt really cold so went up to the hotel room and went to sleep. I was so cold I went to bed wrapped up in a dressing gown and duvet!! I woke up a few times in the night freezing cold but really sweaty so must have been coming down with a temperature! The next morning I felt really drained and had no energy so slept in the car the whole way home and for the rest of the day when we got back!

Here are some photos of the wedding anyway to try and make my post a little more interesting!

After sleeping all day, I then again woke up in the night shivering so I put a dressing gown on and some long socks under my pyjamas to try and keep me warm! I felt so rubbish on the Monday that I didn't go to college and spent mums birthday with her at home ill, sorry mumma!! I had a hospital appointment booked for Tuesday anyway so we just waited on Monday and then I went to my appointment on Tuesday. When Dr. Higton saw me, she admitted me to the ward straight away as she could tell I was really ill! My temperature was sky high, I was having hot and cold fevers and had no energy to even move! Let the boring hospital life begin!

I was started on some Ivs straight away to try and get me better as I honestly was feeling crap! Dr. Higton chose to give me; Tobramycin, Ceftazadime and Teicoplanin. I reaccted to Teicoplanin last time I was on it by having a weird rash appear on my hands and feet, but it wasn't until my two week course of ivs had finished so Dr.Higton said to try it again and see how I am. The evening after having the first dose though I started having the most horrible hot flush ever! I was honestly burning hot that I could feel the heat coming off of me! I was suppose to have another dose of Teichoplanin that evening aswell, but Brenda, the nurse, said she wasn't going to give it to me in case I got really worse. So we waited until the morning for the doctors round.

The doctors came round about 11:30am after I had, had some breakfast and was awake. They said to stop the Teicoplanin for 24 hours and carry on with the other Ivs and also some IV Paracetamol to try and keep my temperature down. After that I had my lunch but struggled to eat it as I started to feel sick... Great :(! I must have been sick about twice after that so I didn't want to eat anything. Then around 2pm I started to feel really drained again with no energy, so I went back to sleep. Mum turnt up about 4pm but I didn't even have any energy to speak to her so slept until 6pm when the Teicoplanin was due again. Brenda gave me the Teichoplanin but after that I started to feel really hot again!! Mum ran me a cold bath to see if that would help me cool down but I felt even worse after having it so just went straight back to sleep! I woke up in the night still feeling really sick though so the nurses gave me some anti sickness IV (which I have forgotten the name of, woops) but it didn't seem to help and I still felt nauseous.

Thursday, the doctors came back and said to stop the Teicoplanin again and control my temperature to see if it actually is the Teichoplanin that is making me have hot flushes. Throughout the day though, my temperature was going as high as 40, so it obviously wasn't the Teichoplanin! Some blood tests were done, by mum ofcourse, to test all these different things to find out what was wrong with me! I was tested for Glandular Fever, Mumps, Liver functions and lots of other things yet I'm rubbish at remembering what they were! There were lots of blood bottles though! I was having Anti-Sickness 6 hourly to try and stop me being sick as every thing I even drank was coming straight back up! This time I was given a different anti-sickness drug called Ondansetron which seemed to work so much better! I managed to eat some spaghetti and crisps because I wasn't feeling sick anymore. I still had no energy though so went back to sleep at about 4, I felt like an old granny going for regular naps haha! Dad came to see me again after work, and he took me to McDonald's as he knew it was something I would actually eat! But when I started eating my chicken nuggets I started feeling sick again so struggled to eat them all! We then went for a drive around Frimley and looked at dads old house and where he used to do his paper rounds as a kid. Then it was back to the hospital for my Ceftazadime IV. Once again, I was sick in the night though, so that was my chicken nuggets back up!

Friday it was doctors round again, but Dr. Hoe was back in today so he came and saw me. He said to stop the Ivs altogether as it may be them that are making me feel this rubbish, as I felt worse from when I first came in on Tuesday. So they were stopped and I was just on IV Paracetamol and Anti-Sickness. The blood results had come back and unfortunately all showed up negative so I didn't have Glandular Fever which everyone was certain I did have! The liver function blood results were high though, so Dr. Ho said to stop taking my Itraconozole tablet. He also said that he wanted some Blood Cultures done so they were to be done to see if they grew anything. A Blood Culture is a culture of blood which detects any infection growing in the bloodstream. I only let mum take my blood as it has taken years to let anyone take blood out of my arm and I don't trust anyone as people always miss. So as mum always gets it every time, first time, I only let her take it. However, she doesn't know how to do a Blood Culture so I had to let Nic the nurse do it. However, once Nic had got the needle in my arm, it wouldn't bleed back so she had to take it out. So mum tried and of course got it to bleed! So Nic attached the blood culture bottles to take my blood which all went fine! They take quite a few days to get the results back though, as they have to see if the blood cultures any infection.

Friday evening, dad came in again like usual and I was suddenly feeling really hungry! Probably because my stomach was empty after not eating all week! I was weighed Friday morning and had lost 2kg since Tuesday so some food would be good! I ordered myself a Dominoes pizza and potatoes wedges to my hospital bed. Although, they rang as they couldn't find my unit in the hospital haha! Dad had to go and find them! I ate most of my pizza and saved the rest for lunch on Saturday. And guess what... I wasn't sick! Yay!

Getting bored of my blogpost yet? I've still got loads more to type... YAWN.

Saturday I wasn't feeling so ill, finally I was getting better! I even managed to keep the eating up! Oh wait.. Until about 6pm I was really tired once again :(! Me, mum and dad went out for a Harvester but I was nealy falling asleep trying to eat my chicken! So after that it was back to hospital and back to sleep! You're probably thinking, McDonald's, Dominoes and The Harvester in 3 days, but anything to make me eat!!

Sunday I was feeling the best I had felt so the nurses let me go home for the afternoon and evening! I had a bath when I got home but after that I felt rubbish again so it was back to bed then back to hospital in the evening! Just when I thought the doctors might think about discharging me!

Monday I was feeling so ill again it was like I had just gone in a circle of getting better to rubbish again! I'll try and tell you in quick now the rest of my admission as I'm getting pretty bored typing this so I imagine you're on the verge of giving up reading this if you haven't already!

Tuesday I was really fed up and just wanted a night at home, so Brenda let me go for the night as I wasn't on any Ivs so mum could look after me easily and if I needed anything just drive back down the M3 and bring me back. However, just before we left I yawned and mum said "hang on a minute open your mouth again" so I did and she said "You've got Tonsillitis!". Finally, it took long enough to find out what was wrong with me!! Brenda let us go home anyway and just said to be back early in the morning to see the ENT doctors (Ear, Nose, Throat specialist). It was so good to finally sleep in my own bed!

On Wednesday morning we came back early for the doctors round and to see the ENT doctors to find out what would happen now that I had Tonsillitis. When mum brought me back to the hospital I was really tired again so went back to bed. Shortly after, the ENT doctors came in and looked at my throat and agreed that I had Tonsillitis. They couldn't really do a lot though as their main specialist doctor was away until Friday.

Skipping Thursday as nothing interesting really happened that day, except I was feeling better finally! No sickness and no tiredness! Yay!

Friday morning was rather exciting!! Mum turned up to the hospital with our brand new pink Fiat 500! I was so excited!! I have named her Fi-Fi and she even has personalised plates that say 'Miss NRJ'! I cannot wait to start learning now!

Anyway back to the hospital situation, the main ENT doctor came round and looked at my throat and felt my glands. He was almost certain that I had Glandular Fever so said he wanted more blood tests done. So more blood tests were done to test for Glandular fever and he also prescribed me with some throat spray and Penicillin antibiotics to try and clear the Tonsillitis as soon as possible!


I then saw Dr. Ho on the normal doctors round and persuaded him to let me home after 10 days!! Firstly, he said he wanted to put me on some different Ivs to get my lung function back up and shift the Tonsillitis quicker but I said I just wanted to see how I go with the Penicillin. Then he said that was fine but he wanted me to stay in until Monday. But there was no way I was staying in which is what I told him so he let me home haha!

I was feeling better now that I was at home but was still not 100%! I was still getting tired really easily, so just took it easy and had lots of granny naps!

I had to go back on Tuesday for an appointment to see how the Tonsillitis was after a few days of being on Penicillin and what the blood results came back as. So dad took me up there in the morning. I did my lung function first which was a big shocker... It had improved by loads and was the best it has ever been since being at Frimley for nearly a year at 2.21 litres! Get in!! I then saw Dr.Ho who was really impressed at the lung function and was glad to see that the Tonsillitis was getting better. He then went and checked the blood results which showed borderline Glandular Fever which meant it is developing slowly in my anti-bodies which isn't good! So he prescribed me with the Penicillin for another 2 weeks and I've got to go back on the 9th April to see if the Glandular Fever has developed any more.

Well since then I've been back to college and work and getting back into my normal routine. But I do get tired really easily so am still going for granny naps now and again, but that's because of the Glandular Fever. Just as I was getting back into the normal routine it's the Easter holidays! So it's back to being lazy for me haha! And partying of course!! I am off to one tonight but have go to take it easy as I don't want to get really ill again!!  

If you've survived reading this until the end I'm glad I didn't bore you too much and thanks for reading I guess :D!

Happy Easter x

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