Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Amazing Last Week= Happy Nons

Less than a week into the Rifampicin and Sodium Fusidate and Nons was up and fighting again. I can't deal with feeling ill I'm to busy to be ill ;)! I have had such a busy past week I haven't got round to blogging what's been going on.

So on Thursday, it was Valentine's Day and I got to spend it with my lovely boyfriend Max. Thursday was the last day at college before half term so after college I spent the evening with Max. He came over about 6pm with some amazing presents for me. I was well and truly spoilt and was really surprised at the lovely things he got me. He got me a Links of London heart charm for my sweetie bracelet, roses, chocolates and a teddy bear. He told me he got the charm because I wear my bracelet everyday so I can look at it and remember those three little words. So so sweet!

After we had given each other our presents we headed off out to town as Max had booked us a table at Coal and then to the cinema afterwards to see 'Give it a year'. The meal at Coal was lovely and it was our first proper meal out together! I just thought Max was so sweet putting all this effort in to make me smile. The film was also really good and it made us laugh watching all the couples walking in together to watch the film. I'll stop going on now because I sound really soppy but just had to let people know about my amazing evening and how lucky I am. Love my max <3


On Friday I went to Jenny's party! I started getting ready at about 1pm as I had to curl my hair which takes over an hour! Then Max came over at 3pm and we had a little pre party and finished getting ready before Abbi drove us to Jenny's in Andover.

We got there about 6:30pm where we kicked it off with Max's big speakers and my amazing party playlist of course ;)! We then ordered a Dominoes and Chinese Takeaway before partying.

After that we basically partied non stop all night long. It was such an amazing night with my favourite people; Jenny, Libby, Lisa, Alice, Max, Greg, Tom and then some of Jenny's other friends.  


Saturday.. PARTY TWO.

After Jenny's most people went home early morning around 9am. But me, Max and Lisa stayed at Jenny's until about 11:30am when dad came and picked us up. Max then went back home as he had work at 3. But Lisa came back to mine so we could have a catch up as I don't see her much after she moved colleges. Dad went out and got us a Mcdonalds (best hangover cure haha). Then me and Lisa had a nap before the next party that evening. We were so tired we didn't end up waking up until mum came in and jumped on the bed telling us to get up and get ready because it was 5pm! Woops, we slept longer than we planned to have haha! We then showered and started getting ready for Charlie's party. I decided to curl my hair again, the most boring thing to do ever because it takes so long. But I like it at the end so was worth the hour it took! Lisa was ready in about 20 minutes though so was sat on my bed waiting for me to hurry up! Mum cooked us Shephard's pie for dinner and then Libby came over after she had finished work so we could all go to the party. Dad then drove us to Tadley but wished he could come to the party too ;).

It was another really good party, but I was so tired at work on Sunday!! 


On Sunday evening after work, when I was eating I noticed my tongue had like a stingy feeling. So I went and looked in the mirror and I have reacted to the Rifampicin and Sodium Fusidate again... ANNOYING!! The one medication the hospital prescribe me with for a long course so I can get better I always react with, not good! When this happened last time Dr.Ho told me to stop taking them so I stopped taking them and got mum to ring Judith yesterday to see what I could take instead. But there was no answer so hopefully we will hear back tomorrow as we didnt today.

Monday I chilled all day to catch back up on my sleep I had missed from partying all weekend and Max came over in the evening for dinner. Then yesterday I spent the day at his and we ordered a Dominoes. Two Dominoes in one week, woops ;)!

Today I woke up coughing my insides up and feeling rubbish again though. So I stayed at home in my pj's and caught up on my ICT college work. I have sat and watched the BRIT awards on my ipad while ive been doing this blog post so haven't missed to much of it luckily.

I am now off to go and do my puffer and relax my hands after typing this massively long post and if you've read this post to the very end sorry if i bored you out of your brains!

Night :) x

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