Thursday, February 07, 2013

London Trip And Going Downhill

To begin with, yesterday I went to London! I went to the National Theatre with my college drama group to go and watch Port, by Simon Stephens. The play began at 2:15pm, so when we arrived in London we had just over an hour to go off and grab some lunch by ourselves. I went to McDonald's just by the London Eye (I'm a regular at this Maccy's from when I go to London for concerts) with my friend Sian, then Molly and a few of her friends. We got back to the theatre for 1:45 where we got our tickets and got into our seats ready for the showing. The play lasted about 2 hours, including an interval, where I had to make lots of observations as I have to write at live evaluation piece for my unit one AS Drama. However, the play was not as good as I had hoped. All of my drama group said the same. That there was not really a storyline to follow and nothing major happend. That was disappointing but it was still a good day out in London. 


Now for the rest. On Tuesday night I started to feel a cold coming along and have been coughing loads all week! Yesterday morning I woke up with the sorest throat, blocked nose and what felt like I was coughing my lungs up, not good :(! I went along to the trip but felt so rubbish. Us CFers struggle to breath properly anyway, but it didn't help at all having a blocked nose as well! I saw a photo a while ago when it was CF week which showed a way for you non CFers to see how we breathe. You should try it and then you'll see where I'm coming from when I moan about being breathless!

Anyway, as I was feeling so rubbish, I got home and went to bed at 8pm last night. I didn't go to college today either and mum rung Judith who said to come to the hospital tomorrow. The risk of saying no to Rifampicin maybe wasn't such a smart idea of mine. Off of ivs for a week and I'm already back up to hospital! Silly me!

I haven't done much at all today, Max came over to see me earlier with a McDonald's, he knows me too well! Love him! Then Alice and Charlie popped in when they came to pick Max up as his car is at the mechanics at the moment. So that was nice to see them all. Then this afternoon, I have literally been asleep in bed for about 3 and a half hours! Which is what I'm going to go back to doing now. I'll blog sometime tomorrow about how my appointment goes! 

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