Wednesday, January 30, 2013

No More IVs :D

YAY! You can probably guess from the blog title I have finished my 2 week course of ivs!

Mum took me up to Frimley yesterday for my appointment to see if I was any better as I had been on the ivs for the past 2 weeks. When I got there I did my lung function tests to find it had improved! Before the ivs my FEV1 was 1.75 litres and FVC 90% but yesterday they had gone up to 2.37 and 93! Which doesn't sound a lot but it was an improvement so I was happy! Judith came in and saw me just to say "well done look at those numbers" so she was pleased too.

Dr Higton came in and saw me afterwards to decide what we would do now. As I had improved, my colds gone and I'm feeling better in myself she agreed to just carry on with my normal medication and come back in 4 weeks to check if I'm doing okay. Which means no more ivs and is a bonus as she did want to try some Rifampicin antibiotics again as I still have a cough but I wasn't keen as I had an allergic reaction to them last time. So being a typical CFer I decided what was best for me instead of the doctor haha! Mum was laughing at me and said "you're such a risk taker. Happily saying you're 100% well when really you know you're not" but you have to take risks with your CF sometimes I guess!

After the hospital I went back to college and then saw Libby and went to the cinema in the evening. Then I had my final dose of Ceftazidime and mum took the gripper needle out afterwards. So I'm free from ivs again for a while!! :D

It's nothing to do with this blog post but I just have to shout out to my Alice Gee for passing her driving test today! Well done Gee!!

Me, Gee and Max went out for her first drive earlier to celebrate!

Early night for me anyway as I'm tired!

Night people :) x

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