Tuesday, January 15, 2013

IV Time!

I went up to Frimley today for an appointment as I've been really unwell lately and was off college yesterday. As you can probably guess from the post title, I've put been on some IVs.

My weight was down a little so I saw Penny, the dietician, who has told me to drink 3 of my Fortisip shakes a day instead of 2 to get some extra calories into me! (These are weight supplements).

I also saw Jo, the physiotherapist, as I haven't been doing my Isleep properly lately so she was basically telling me I need to do it to get my lung function back up. Which I knew anyway but just haven't been good with it recently. Back to my normal routine as of today! Then she also told me that the CF unit have funded me my very own Isleep machine which is amazing news! So I can give the Brompton their one back now :-)!

Then I saw doctor Higton and asked if she could put me on some IV antibiotics (which means I'm ill as I never ask for these haha)! So she went ahead and sorted me out the ivs to begin today. So I'm currently sat in treatment room 3 having my test doses of Ceftazidime and Tobramycin.

Then the drug centre are going to deliver the 2 week course of ivs to home tomorrow so I can begin them properly.

Luckily I can do all the ivs from home as mum, dad and me are all trained to do them so no staying in hospital being an inpatient woo!!

Just means I will be back up on Thursday or Friday for some bloods to check my Tobramycin levels are all okay.

I'm just waiting for Abbs to come and pick me up and take me to Mcdonalds now :-)!

(If you don't know what any of the terms are look on the CF dictionary page)

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