Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy 2013!

Firstly I will start off by saying Happy New Year!

I have been so busy over decemeber with partying, Christmas, New Years Eve and my January exams I have not got round to updating the blog!

Well I'll start off with Sunday 23rd December...

On the Saturday 23rd December Me and my friends Libby, Lisa, Max, Tom, Greg and Tom all went to the college night at Pure Lounge Bar in town. I had work until 6 so it was all a big rush to get ready! But the girls came over and got ready and then the boys joined us for 'Pre-drinks' before we went. We had a really good night and partied into christmas eve together as it didn't finish until 1am. Here are some photos :).

Then I spent Christmas Eve daytime recovering from Pure and watching Home Alone 2 with dad.

Christmas day was really good! We got up and opened our stockings at about 8am (the only day I will get up early voluntarily!) but unfortunately, mum got called out to a homebirth so we didn't see her until the afternoon :(. After opening our stockings, Me, Abbi and George went downstairs and opened all our presents with dad. I got so many presents including Nike Blazers, Clothes and lots of other bits. Mum even got me a tambourine for a joke as I asked for one after seeing Robbie Williams Live. My main present was a Bose wireless bluetooth sound system for me to listen to in my bedroom and take to parties! It is really small but goes so loud!

Once presents were done, dad went out and walked Maddy. So we made ourselves a christmas fry-up. Then got dressed and ready to go to Uncle Tim and Auntie Selina's house to see them, Chloe, Adam, Grandma and Grandad. We got to Tim and Selina's house at about 1:30pm and then Mum came at around 2pm. Then Selina cooked us all a lovely traditional christmas dinner which was lovely!!!

After dinner we all exchanged gifts and I recieved some more lovely gifts. I had a great day playing games and spending it with family.

Boxing day I had to work 9am-2pm unfortunately, but after work Grandma and Grandad came over and mum and dad cooked a roast beef dinner. It was lovely but as I was so tired I went for a nap (lazy hehe). When Abbi and George got home we played more games and Abbi's boyfriend Adam joined us too.

On the 27th we all went over to Uncle Mark & Jo's house. It was great to see everyone again and I spent most of the afternoon playing games with my cousin Jed. We went cow racing up and down the hall way on his and Billy's new cow space hoppers. Ofcourse I lost everytime, Jed was just to good!
Jo cooked us all a lovely buffet and after that we opened more presents which was good! We got Jed a scooter which he absolutely loved! After presents we ended up playing 'The Cube' board game which was so good it lasted until it was hometime.

On the 28th, Me, George, Mum and Dad all went up to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park as mum had booked for me and George to go ice skating. It was so Christmas and cute! I loved the Ice skating as I haven't been in ages after quitting my figure skating I used to do. After ice skating we went into Topshop sale in London and I spent all of my christmas money! It was such a lovely way to end Christmas!!


On New years eve, I spent the night with the boys; Josh, Wade, Jack, Jay & Lee at Josh's house as his mum had a party. It was such a good night, one of the best parties in ages! And let's just say we are not doing Jaiger and Whisky shots again, ayy boys ;)! Think everyone was sick except me for once woo!!! It was a great way to end 2012 with my favourite people and I started off 2013 hungover with mum, dad and a Mcdonalds... Lovely!

Last Thursday I stayed at Libby's house as I hadn't seen her since Pure, so that was a really nice evening. Love you Libs xoxo.

This week I have had my Media and Psychology exams which were okay, well the Psychology one was. The media one was so difficult and I felt really ill anyway so wasn't in the mood :(. I have had a really bad cold since New years eve and its got worse this week. So mum rang the hospital yesterday and I am either going to be seen tomorrow or Tuesday. Time for some IV's I think. I've got away without having any for almost a year now so I've been pretty lucky!

I also have something else to inform everyone on which I am so excited about, but will dedicate a new blog post just for it :D

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