Friday, January 18, 2013

Failed Bloods :(

I didn't want to go for bloods.

Yesterday, Abbs took me back to hospital as I needed to have some bloods taken to check my Tobramycin levels were okay, as I mentioned in the previous blog.

I put my Emla cream on both of my hands and we left the house at 10am.

When I got to the hospital, Judith was there waiting to take my bloods. So I had to quickly take the Tegaderm (plastic sticker keeping the Emla on) off so she could begin. My hands are normally very good with bloods, but when Judith put the butterfly needle in my veins decided they were going to hide away so Judith couldn't get the needle in. So she said to try and warm my hands up a bit as they were so cold and then she would try again after.

About 15 minutes after, Nic one of the nurses came in to try. She tried on the same hand but a different vein and managed to get the needle in. But just as she was about to take the bloods the needle moved out of the vein. So that was failure number two!!

Nic tried again straight after, just above where she had put the needle before as she was sure this was a good vein. And as I won't let anyone take bloods from my arm because of previous times I hoped this time it would work! Finally the needle went into the vein and manged to stay! So Abbi passed Nic the tube to attach to the needle for the blood to come out but it was coming ever so slowly. Then just as I went to say 'is it even bleeding?' the needle popped out of the vein again! Spoke to soon Noni!!

Nic managed to get the tiniest bit of blood so went to find out if that was enough. I have to have my bloods taken again on Thursday, after a week of ivs, to check the Tobramycin levels again to see if my body is reacting normally. But I think I'm going to let mum do them from my arm as my hands are clearly no good at bloods anymore!

After about 10 minutes Nic came back and said the blood people (I can't remember their actual name haha) would do what they can with that. So I attached my Tobramycin IV and me and Abbs came home then I got ready for college.

At college, everyone was saying its meant to snow really heavy from 11pm that night! I hate snow so I was hoping it wouldn't! But on my way to the bus station yesterday it was snowing quite lightly. Then when I woke up today there was so much snow :(! Oh well atleast it meant another day off of college!

Max came over earlier this morning for a while as he had to drive James to college for his exam. Yet because of the snow nobody bothered to go to college so he just came and chilled here for a bit. But he had to leave at about 12 otherwise he wouldn't of been able to drive his car home due to the snow!

The ivs keep making me feel like rubbish or I become tired at random times, like I do now! So I'm going to go for a granny nap haha!

Have fun in the snow :-)

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