Sunday, November 25, 2012

Take The Crown Tour

About 7 weeks ago when I was randomly on Ticketmaster to see who was touring, I came across a Robbie Williams special event '3 nights only comeback tour at the O2, apply now for your chance to get some tickets' so I applied with mine, mum's and dad's email addresses to hopefully get through for when the tickets went on sale on Tuesday 9th October. On the Monday, dad came downstairs and said they had emailed him and he had got through for the chance to buy some tickets! YAY!

Then when I was at college on the Tuesday, I got a text during my Drama lesson from dad saying 'Robbie 22nd Nov 4 tickets' I was so happy haha! Mum and dad have seen Robbie twice before so were more excited than me! Then when mum was on the phone to my Auntie Al, she said she had never been to a concert or to London, so could she come. And mum said yes :D! Your probably thinking how have you never been to London? But all of mum's side of the family live in Cornwall so it's not a regular thing to go to London haha! And finally, the 22nd November came and on Thursday we went to see Robbie...

Me, Mum and Al left the house at 1:30pm as I had to go to the hospital, to get my monthly flush of my port, before heading up to London. 


Then after that we made our way up to Dad's office in London. We arrived in London at about 3:30pm so we parked the car and went and had a Mcdonalds while we waited for Dad to finish work. 20 chicken Mcnugget meal went down nicely I must say :D, I hadn't eaten anything all morning though so don't go thinking I'm a right pig haha!

After dad finished work at 4:30, we set off in the car towards the River Thames as we were getting a boat to the O2, posh ayy! Dad drove around for a while so Auntie Al could see the sites, then we parked the car and walked around for a bit.


Then we got the Thames Clippers boat at 6pm.

We got to the O2 just before 7pm where we had to que up to get in. The concert was a ticketless event so you just had to que with the card you payed on. So the queing was so slow and we were there atleast half an hour before we actually got in!! When we got in, we got given free Robbie lanyards and then went and found our seats. Our seats were so high up and it was so steep! But the stage was in the middle or as Robbie would say 'In the round' so we could still see. There were also screens so we could see Robbie close up.  Robbie wasn't due to come on stage until 9 so me and Dad went and found the O2 photobooth to get our photo done to go on their facebook page. We are regulars of the O2 so know where this is haha!



After the long wait, Robbie finally came on around 9:15 and had the crowd in his hands straight away with 'Let Me Entertain You'. But ofcourse my favourite one was 'She's The One', my fav Robbie song! And when he sung 'Angels' he said to think of your angel. So I thought of Sian :)! It was such an amazing night and I can't wait until he next tours! The concert was on TV on Sky1 last night, so me and mum watched it. And mum acted as if she was back at the concert, waving her hands and singing really loudly haha!

Robbie has a special announcement with Samsung tomorrow at 3pm and mum heard on the radio it is that he will be doing an 'All summer stadium tour, bigger than Knebworth' so if it is, I will definately be applying for tickets! If you ever get the chance to go, do so!

Here are some photos although, they are not the best quality as my camera wouldn't focus as we were to far back :(




Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wade's Party :)

It was Wade's birthday on Wednesday, so last night he had a party! It was a really good night and nice to spend time with our close group as we don't see eachother much anymore because of college. I don't really know what to write, so I'll just let you see how much fun we had from the photos haha...



Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Happy 18th Birthday Siany <3

I didn't really do alot over half term which is why I only blogged on Tuesday, boring ayy! I did go to Aldershot firework display with mum and dad on Saturday after working and getting my nails done though. That was really good but it was freezing!!

It was back to college on Monday and I'm so tired already! The days are so long compared to school ones, by the time I'm home its gone 5 o'clock! Heres some photo's of me and Libby at lunchtime yesterday :-)


Anyway, today was Sian's 18th Birthday. Sian is my cousin who suffered from Cystic Fibrosis but sadly passed away in 2006 when she was just 11 years old. So today to wish her a Happy Birthday I let off some balloons so she could catch them up in heaven. I bet she is partying up there right now.


Then after college today I got let out of my Drama lesson early so I sat in the Cafe with a few of my friends from my lesson. We ended up talking all about CF and me telling them all about my life. It was so great when they said to me that 'I had completley changed their perspective on life', 'they have never respected someone as much as me in their life because I'm always so happy and an inspiration' and that I'm 'Truly one amazing girly'. Comments like this make me so happy but hey whats the point being sad about my life. I'm happy that I'm a little different to others it makes me 'me' I suppose. I then found this picture and thought I'd share it because its so true :-)!