Friday, October 12, 2012

The Lonely Hearts Tour

For Molly's birthday I got her tickets to see Marina and The Diamonds and we went to HMV Forum last night to watch it!

We left at 4:30pm where dad drove us up to London to arrive early and que up as we had standing tickets.
We arrived at around 6:15pm but it was raining so me and Molz had to huddle under my umbrella to try and keep dry- which failed miserably! Luckily, there wasn't to much of que when we got there but once we had been their 20 minutes it got so busy. Doors opened at 7pm, where me and Molly were planning to go in and get some food and then join the crowd in the standing area. However, when we actually got inside there was no places selling food at all and just one small bar. So we had to eat our crisps and chocolate then we joined the crowd. We were 4 rows from the stage!

It soon filled up and we were pretty much squashed in and could not move! We got talking to some boys though and were all dancing to the Spice Girls backing music that was on. The support act 'Foxes' came on at 8pm to get the crowd started. They didn't really get the crowd going though as all their songs were slow!! But it wasn't long before Marina came on at 9:15ish and she was AMAZING!! Me and Molz had such a good time singing our Electra Hearts out to the music ;).

Also, as we were so close so I got loads of good photos...



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