Monday, October 08, 2012

Georgia's 18th!

I forgot to mention Georgia's 18th!

It was Georgia's birthday last Monday (1st October) and she turned 18! Being the lovely sister I am ;) I thought I'd be funny and give her 18 birthday cards each with the nicknames I call her. I also gave her some money towards her savings for Disney Land next year which she is hoping to do with her boyfriend Ben in February. She basically received money from everyone as she has a car she got last year for her 17th. But mum and dad have told her they will pay for her to go abroad with her friends somewhere next year instead of giving her anything now. Abbi got her some amazing red heel-less shoes, which I still am so confused at how they work. But they do I've tried them out!

We went out for a meal on her birthday to the harvester which was really nice :-) but she didn't drink any alcohol that day and came home and was in bed by 11pm! What a boring 18 year old... Just kidding George! 

She then had a party on Saturday which was really good! I have recovered and caught up with my sleep today by having a 2 hour nap after college which explains why I am wide awake now!

Anyway here are some photos...

Me and Molly
Georgia's New Heels!
Molly, Me and Shona.
Me, Ben and Georgia
Ben, Georgia, Lucy, Me, Molly and Shona.
George and Ben

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