Thursday, October 25, 2012

Busy Two Weeks!

I have had a busy past two weeks and haven't got round to blogging... Woops! I wouldn't want to blog every little detail of my life though or you'll get bored of reading my blog! Anyway, overall I've been well the past two weeks, I've been out partying (of course), out with friends, to college and had another hospital appointment which went well, yay!

Two weeks ago I went to my college friends joint birthday party, it was TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) theme. So people all dolled themselves up with fake tan, fake eyelashes, fake hair etc. Even the boys did fake tan! It was great fun and I made some new friends :-).

Rachel & Me (it was hers and Emily's party)
Me and some of the girls :-)
My shoes I wore to the party!
Then last Friday, I had another hospital appointment at Frimley. I have been going every two weeks due to drug reactions and being unwell. However, this time it went well and I don't have to go back for two whole months, yay!! Dr Ho came and spoke to me and told me that the sputum samples showed no infection and that it had cleared off finally! But my lung function was no different to last time, so to just take my Flixotide inhaler to make sure the infection stays away and the lung function improves. So fingers crossed it works!

Last Wednesday I stayed at my friend Libby's house which was good. We cooked roast potatoes and chicken for dinner (top chef's haha)! Then we went to the Newbury fair in the evening. Luckily, we didn't have to get up extra early on Thursday as we both didn't start college until 11:30.

Unfortunately, we didn't get any photos
at Josh's so the only one I have is
of his present haha!
Last Saturday, I was partying again for Josh's birthday :-)! He had a little party with just close friends round his house. We all had good fun doing cheeky vimto, jäiger shots and tequila shots. Responsible drinking ofcourse haha! As gran would say "girls just wanna have fun".

My nose piercing :)

On Tuesday I went out for dinner with Molly to Wagamama's for a catch up. We both had our usual meal's 'Chicken Ramen' which was yummy!

Then last night I was bored and decided to pierce my nose haha! It didn't hurt at all thanks to Emla Cream- It comes in so handy!

Finally, back up to date. My two weeks don't really look busy from this post. But I have missed lots out as it got a bit boring!

I am currently filling in my Disability Living Allowance forms as over the past two years my CF in itself has got worse so we are reappling to see if I can get an extra bit of help and so that I don't have to rely on mum so much. Me and mum have been reading letters and my lung function FVC (look in the CF Dictionary) was 85% in 2008 and has dropped right down to 57% this year... not good!

The booklet I have to fill in, is so many pages long and some of the questions are so awkward to answer. One of them being 'do you need help to get out of bed'. Mum said to me to put "well yes I'm lazy... arn't all teenagers?" haha. It's so different when you actually sit down and view your CF life right down to the basics! Thinking how much extra time is spent in a day for us CFers where you non CFers will get an extra hour in bed. 30 minutes doing my Physio, 10 minutes doing my puffer, 5 minutes cleaning my puffer after using it... etc!

I'm now off to watch Waterloo Road and eat some Foxes butter crinkles biscuits (my favourite).

Bye :-) x

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