Monday, October 08, 2012

Another Visit To My Second Home

On Friday I had yet another hospital appointment. At the beginning of last week I came up with a nasty rash on my chest and on my tongue (weirdest of places) due to reacting to the new antibiotic that Dr. Ho had originally prescribed me on for 3 months to shift an infection I have caught and to boost my lung function up. However, as I didn't react well to it, mum phoned the CF unit who told me to stop taking the antibiotics and arranged me an appointment for Friday at 11:20am.

So on Friday, me and Abbi did the usual and got up and went to meet mum at the hospital (no time for McDonald's breakfast this time though). As Abbi had to start work at 12, she just dropped me off at Frimley then went to work. 

I had my weight and height taken, which hadn't really changed from my appointment just over two weeks ago. Then did my lung function that had improved a little bit- atleast the antibiotics did something right!

Then I spoke to Dr.Ho who said I have probably reacted again as my body still doesn't like all these toxic drugs and is telling me it needs to be left alone for a while. So he said to not take any more drugs than my usual ones and to see me again in two weeks time and then hopefully my body will be recovered and ready to start something new to shift this infection! He also took my blood, which worked first time woohoo! And even better I didn't feel it as I put Emla cream on before leaving home so I was prepared if bloods were needed.

Judith (Cf ward manager), also sorted me out some Fortisip milkshakes as I finally found a supplement that tastes okay and I can deal with. Only the yogurt style raspberry flavour ones though. You think I'm joking, I have tried every single supplement going and this is the only one I don't mind! So I have just drunk one of those and am now off to get my puffer. 

Night :-) 


  1. Fortisips are the only supplement i like too... Dare i say i even kind of look forward to them!! Great blog by the way! :)

  2. Haha, they taste like petit fillous yogurt! And thank you :-)