Tuesday, October 02, 2012

A Random Faint

I woke up on Saturday, had some breakfast and got showered and ready for work. Then grabbed a quick snack before leaving; a Pot Noodle (yum yum). As work was so busy, the fourth busiest day in Primark history, I had to work on the ground floor instead. I was on tills for basically my whole 4 hour shift!

Anyway, I better tell you what this 'A Random Faint' is all about...

At about 3o'clock I started to feel quite sick and thought it was probably because I was a bit hungry. But my shift finished at 4 anyway so not long and I could eat! I was serving some customers and then started to feel tired all of a sudden and kept yawning. I thought what is wrong me!? So I stopped and took a minute but my yawning continued and my legs went jelly-like. A customer had come up to my till though so I had to serve them and then I was going to go and speak to my supervisor. I was serving them and my vision blurred and kept blacking out when I realised I was about to faint! So I walked off to see my supervisor (left my customer, woops) but everything was really blurry! I said to him "can I get a drink, I think I'm about to faint" I couldn't exactly say I need some food haha! I didn't even wait for a response I just walked off and heard him say "if you're going to faint take a minute". I walked off to go towards the staff stairs to go and get some food out my bag, but my vision was so blurred I ended up going to the lift lobby as I could just about figure out where that was. When I got there I had to type the code in to open the door but I had to get so close to try and see the numbers. That was when I heard Georgia shouting my name and saying "Noni are you okay?". But I had sort of froze then and couldn't turn my head to see her. Next minute I fell into her arms, completely blacked out and woke up again on the floor in the lift lobby! She was saying "Noni what happened you were bright yellow, Jess go and get a manager and first aid!" So the manager came and advised I go home and eat more before I come to work next time! He said it was also probably because we were so busy in the store. I couldn't figure out why I felt so faint, I usually just have breakfast before work.

On Sunday, I had to fill in an incident form in the staff book so what had happened could be recorded and sent off. But, I'm okay now. Luckily! And since Saturday I have eaten lots of food!

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