Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hospital Visit: Crappy Lungs & Crappy Veins

Woops, I'm a bit late on updating my blog but I've been so busy with college this week!

Anyway, I had a hospital appointment on Tuesday which wasn't to great...

Me and Abbi set off to the hospital at 9am, got a mcdonalds breakfast on the way (yum yum), and met mum at Frimley for my appointment at 9:40am. I had my weight and height taken and hooray I had put on weight!! But then I did my lung function and it was still as bad as last time in just the 50/60's and had not improved, not good- CRAPPY LUNGS :(.

I then waited and saw Dr.Ho who prescribed me with some new tablets for 3 months (such a long time!) to get rid of this infection and try and get my lung function back up! My blood results from my last appointment showed my vitamin A+D and E levels were all higher than they should be so he also asked that I had my bloods taken today. So I put Emla cream on my hands and on my port as that needed its monthly flush to stop it blocking up.

I waited around half an hour then my nurse, Sweetie, came to take my bloods and flush my port. Unfortunately, when Sweetie put the needle in, the emla had obviously not been on long enough as I felt the needle go in (ouch). Once the needle goes in I like to watch my blood being taken so I was watching but my veins decided they didn't want to give any blood today. Sweetie tried moving the needle around, which really hurt, but no blood would come out- CRAPPY VEINS :(. The bloods were needed to test my levels but I don't let anyone take blood from my arm as it hurts to much so instead mum took the equipment home and said she will do it another day (shes trained due to being a midwife). So I might think about letting her.

Having my port flushed.

When it came to flushing my port I was quite stressed as the bloods didn't go to plan, but got on with it anyway as flushing my port never hurts it just gives me a sick feeling in my stomach as the needle goes in. But this time putting the needle in really hurt and made me jump, it also didn't hit the back of the port so Sweetie had to push on it which made me feel really sick! Note for next time: Leave the emla cream on longer!!

After my appointment, I went back to college then saw Molly in the evening. We had a KFC for dinner (yum yum). Mcdonalds breakfast and KFC for dinner all in one day, woops!!! The dietician would be proud ;) haha.

Getting back up to date with my blog...

Today I had a Wagamamas, after work, with Mum, Dad & Abbi (Georgia was still at work). I had my usual meal from there- Chicken Ramen. It was lovely :-)! All of these take aways in one week, for any non CFer would be bad. But for us CFers fatty foods are good- again my dietician would be proud!!!

I'm now off to finish watching the Xfactor and eat my Minstrels!

Night :) x

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