Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gaga Oo La La!

Ready for GAGA

I had an amazing evening on Sunday :)... I WENT TO SEE LADY GAGA!!!

Mum originally got the tickets for me, her and dad to go, but dad decided he would rather go on holiday to Turkey for his birthday so me, Abbi & Georgia went instead!

Ready to go in my
Gaga tshirt and black lipstick!

After finishing work at 12pm I came home and got changed and got ready to go off to Twickenham with Abbi and Georgia.

We left at around 3:30pm, in Abbi's car, and arrived in London just after 4 while listening to the 'Born This Way' album for the duration up. It took less than an hour which was good. We then had to walk to the stadium from the car park which took around 15 minutes (it felt like ages)! Once we got to the stadium and through the ticket gates we went and grabbed some food. Me and Abbi both had a foot long hot dog, while Georgia had a cheesy hot dog. We then went and found our seats and got ready for the support act at 6pm... THE DARKNESS! They were good, although a bit too rock for me! I did sing 'I BELIEVE IN A THING CALLED LOVE' very loudly though!

The Darkness staging.
(I wasn't this close, I copied this photo off
 somebody else so you can see the staging)

In our seats
Lady Gaga then came on at around 8pm and she was so amazing! Although, we could hardly see her due to being far away, a large pole in the way, and having to watch the screen, it was still so good! And I noticed jumping up and down and singing very loudly is such good physio! I would of loved to have been at the very front though, in the monster pit, as lots of people got to go on stage and sing 
with her then go backstage! She even sang Happy Birthday to one girl!

Overall it was an amazing night and if you ever get the chance to go and see her... do so!

Here are some photos, better close ups, so you can see what Gaga looked like and the staging...

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