Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hospital Visit

After a rubbish past week of having no energy, no appetite, a high temperature, a rash on my hands and feet (it's like a shopping list!) and just feeling pure rubbish, I had an appointment at Frimley today. 

I was expecting the doctor to say I'd need another week of IV's but I have felt the best today that I have done in the past week. So that's good! But, I was also expecting my lung function to be better than it was before the IV's at 64%, however it was rubbish at just 55% :(! Dr. Higton said sometimes the IV's do that after the 2nd week as its just the way the lungs react. So hopefully that should increase soon if I keep doing my physio. 

Then when I told her the list of things that had been wrong with me this past week she said that was probably just a reaction to the IV's aswell, so took some bloods incase to see my liver function levels but I should hopefully feel better now (yay)! 

Apart from that everything else went fine! Vitamin D levels a bit low so I have been prescribed with some tablets to sort that out. 

Georgia and her best friend Lucy just called me and had surprised me and made me some cakes as I didn't want to eat yesterday. So made me some cakes so I would eat! Haha bless them!

Now I'm off to town to spend the day with my Molz as I haven't seen her since Friday. 

Have a lovely day in the sun everyone :) 

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